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IchessU stands for International Chess University. We are an online entity that specializes in chess education. We teach chess openings, chess moves, chess strategies, chess rules and more about the chess game in detail to kids, teens, juniors and adults. We work with special needs populations, such as ADHD, Alzheimer´s and similar.

IchessU provides online chess training for beginners and chess learning software for learning and mastering over the themes, positions and ideas in chess.

Online Chess Trainer - IchessU

Online chess trainer at IchessU will make you learn chess in a better way by providing guidelines that will help you to learn chess openings. You will also learn chess strategies and implement the same in the game as chess professional.

IchessU offers online chess classes for beginners, where the international chess masters will make you learn and master over the game of chess.

IchessU has online chess mentor that will let you learn chess in an interactive way through its multi-path real-time virtual classroom. You can look and hear the coaches & teammates as if you are sitting & learning in a real class.

IchessU is the world’s largest online chess school. Stop spending your time and money driving to/from your chess class. Enjoy online chess tutorials within the comforts of your own home at IchessU.

Learn chess opening strategies by International Chess Masters at IchessU. You can also learn many other chess moves. Join IchessU today!

If you are thinking to learn chess openings, then visit IchessU. They provide a better way to learn chess moves and various other chess opening strategies online that help you in learning and improving your skills in the game of chess.

IchessU- Chess Lessons for Beginners

IchessU is an online chess school where beginners can avail fully interactive live chess lessons. They have experienced chess coaches, who provide the learning platform to satisfy your needs.

IchessU is an International Chess University that provides online chess tutorials and free chess learning platform to help you learning and improving your game of chess.

Learn Chess Setup & Rules with IchessU

IchessU is the only online chess school where kids can learn chess rules from initial board set up to the movement of every piece in a fully interactive environment.

IchessU is amongst the best online chess school, where you can learn advanced chess strategies that will be help you to win your game for sure. To avail their classes, contact them today!

IchessU is an International Chess University that offers chess for kids online. Their chess study for Kids have ADHD that helps them to develop an interest for a certain game.

Want to improve chess online? IchessU is one of the best online chess school to learn chess strategies that will help to you to win your game easily.



Join IchessU the world’s largest online chess school and get training by International Chess Masters for learning chess openings, chess moves, chess strategies, chess rules and mastering the themes, positions and ideas in chess.

Do you know that you can have as many as eight queens on your side to make you a winner or a knight has its particular movement, unlike any other? Well, an online chess class can teach you all these interesting facts and much more, to make you a champion.

Like the famous and an ancient saying, ‘What you sow is what you reap’, the way you open a game of chess determines its outcome. So, as a beginner, after learning the basics, the next step you need to observe or learn, are the opening skills.