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Updated by GKL Leasing on Feb 02, 2016
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5 Reasons to Choose GKL Car Leasing for Foreign Owned Businesses

If your foreign owned business is setting up in the UK, trying to source suitable company cars and vehicles is the sort of task that you would like to be made as simple as possible. At GKL, we understand that all businesses are different, so we will always measure your organisation’s unique criteria to help us recommend the right leasing opportunities to meet your specific requirements. We’ve put together a list of the biggest benefits of car leasing with GKL:


Flexible car leasing for foreign owned businesses

We understand that in some cases, organisations need vehicles on a short term basis, but don’t want to commit to long term contracts initially, at least not until they are completely satisfied with performance levels and profits. This is common for new businesses and recently expanded businesses. To help businesses in the short term, we can provide flexible hire contracts and monthly payments. Once businesses are ready to commit, we can then draw up a longer term contract.


We like working with new businesses

Many finance companies and manufacturers won’t consider businesses under three years old. At GKL, rather than making snap judgements, we will look at all businesses as a whole, rather than simply focusing on age. We are proud to work with all kinds of new business, from small start-ups, new branches, to foreign owned businesses in the UK. No matter the nature and age of your organisation is, we are committed to helping you get your business on the road.


Our underwriting is ideal for all businesses

Starting a new business or setting up business in a new location is understandably extremely expensive and can have a less than healthy effect on your credit score until money starts coming in. At GKL, our underwriting is based on your individual business, not just your credit score – we understand that the opportunity for car leasing is often at a time of great spending and that it’s difficult for a business to function properly without company cars.


We allow you more time to focus on your core business

Due to being independently financed and our flat management structure, we are able to make all financial decisions very quickly. This provides you with considerably more time to focus on your core business duties, particularly if you are setting up a new business, or expanding your current business.


GKL are independently financed

GKL are independently financed

The biggest benefit of GKL car leasing for foreign owned businesses is that we are independently financed; as a result, we can make much quicker decisions than many leasing companies. If you are in the process of setting up business in the UK, you will know doubt want to arrange for company vehicles as quickly as possible.