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5 things you need to know about having blocked drains

Having blocked drains is something none of us want to experience. They can cause damage, and are less than hygienic, leaving an undesirable smell that is inescapable. The impact of blocked drains can be wider than just a little inconvenience to you. Here are a few things you need to know about blocked drains.


Prevention is better than cure

Whilst we are happy to come and clear your drains for you, we know it is better to not have to call us in the first place. There are some basic preventative measures that we would advise you take. Regular pouring of boiling water, and quarterly pouring of a baking soda and vinegar (with boiling water) will help to remove the more stubborn dirt that builds up. You don't even have to get dirty doing this!


You could be in trouble with your neighbours

You could be in trouble with your neighbours

It is your legal responsibility to keep your drains clear. If they are not, and you do not deal with the problem effectively, your drain water could enter your neighbours property. They may not be happy with this and they are within their rights to take civil action against you.


You could cause flooding

You could cause flooding

This may seem an obvious statement, but not tackling blocked or broken pipework can lead to a more serious issue than a nasty smell. Water will find its easiest route of escape, and who know where that could be.


Where you live makes a difference

If you live near a watercourse or river there is a distinct chance that your pipework could, if in disrepair, contaminate the local water. This is your legal responsibility and it is worth noting that the Environment Agency could impose a penalty fine for polluting the environment.


Blocked drains can happen to anyone, but is it your fault?

Blocked drains can happen to anyone, but is it your fault?

In the kindest possible way you may want to think about what you are putting down your kitchen sink. These days, recycling and waste disposal services come to our door and are easy to use, so make sure food stuffs (particularly vegetable waste, fats, oils and grease) are put in the correct bin. Likewise, sanitary matter such as nappies and wipes do nothing for the integrity of your pipework and are some of the worst culprits for drain blockages. Don't be responsible for the unnecessary hassle of dealing with a blocked drain.