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Top museums in and around Townsville - promise of good tidings

If there is anything awe-inspiring you are looking for, Townsville would not make you bored. It is simply a getaway from what you have seen commonly elsewhere in the globe. Townsville is such a sight for sore eyes.


The Museum of Tropical Queensland

The museum greets you to Queensland’s cultural and natural heritage. Get to Flinders Street in Townsville, and you will easily locate this museum. The museum you see today was declared open in 2000 with a relatively modern display that explores the lifestyle in the tropical Queensland.

The museum’s cynosure is nothing but the HMS Pandora gallery. You will come across a number of marvellous artefacts.

You can also take part in the Gun Team on HMS Pandora. The session is really worthwhile as you get to learn the ropes of loading and firing a canon. Just imagine how the ancestors in Queensland did that back in the 1700s.
It will be even better, if you are travelling with children. The museum has a separate area called Enchanted Rainforest, especially designed for kids. It features the area’s eco-system and take you to Queensland’s rainforest climate. Your child has the rare chance to learn about rainforest plants and wild animals. If you have great interest in the tropical climate, settle in an Accommodation Townsville such as Oaks M on Palmer and unlatch yourself to the wonders of Townsville.


Maritime Museum of Townsville

Following a good facelift, the Maritime Museum of Townsville was open to the public in 2001. The museum’s cynosure, ship complex, will amuse you no end. The Townsville Motorboat and Yacht club is also in the vicinity.

The museum was initially run by the Townsville Harbour Board. But that exists no more. It came to be known as the Port of Townsville Ltd later. The museum was moved on to the Pier Master’s office between fourth and sixth berths at the Townsville port.

The building was moved on to where it is now owing to the contributions by the community.


Army museum

Jezzine Barracks had been home to the Australian military for more than 120 years. That’s where you can now see the museum. The museum is a classic example of the glorious history of North Queensland’s army.

If you are curious as to how long its history is, the museum was initially set up in the early stages of 1880. This was the period when Rifle Companies were formed in the town for the first time. That was when an idea to build a new museum to showcase military history was formulated. But the actual building took place in 1979 after North Queensland Military Museum committee of management wanted the Fort Kissing Point to be converted into a military museum. Since then, the fort had been a museum till 2008. In 2008, it was closed for repair. The north Queensland military museum baptised as the Army Museum of North Queensland.


Townsville War Museum

Townsville War Museum is not just another museum. Once inside, you can take part in a number of activities such as workshops, talks and many other programmes. All that comes in addition to local as well as international exhibitions.

Before going in, you can also check what is going on in the museum on facebook and twitter. In 1864, the museum was originally a port for rural industries. After gold was discovered in Townsville, the port rocketed into development. And a great many development projects took place in the region. The Townsville War Museum was one.