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Updated by Elvin Jackson on Jan 31, 2016
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05 Desert Adventures to do in Oman – Mysterious Playgrounds of the Arab World

Discover the fascinating allures of the Wahiba Desert. Soar across its majestic sand dunes, drink in the pristine beauty and enjoy the mysteries of the magical desert.


Dune Bashing

Hop aboard a roaring 4X4 vehicle and soar across the sand dunes. The huge sand dunes of the Wahiba Desert are not for the faint of heart. But if it's an adrenaline pumping thrill you seek do take on the tour. Expert drivers will drive you up, down and across the shifting sand dunes in heart stopping action. Dune bashing has been described as similar to driving on ice; a tour will generally last about 1 ½ hours. It is definitely not recommended for children and promises to leave you covered in sand, utterly thrilled to bits and looking for some comfortable rest and relaxation. This is why it is important to book accommodation at a Wahiba Sands hotel that offers modern comforts and the services of an excellent desert adventure camp providing luxurious environs in which to unwind.


Thrills of Quad Biking

Offering you a more personal dune bashing experience, quad bikes are a hands on encounter of the immense dunes of Wahiba Desert. The rather addictive endeavour will take you much closer to the sand than a 4X4 vehicle, while just half an hour on a quad bike will have you feeling exhilarated and raring to set off on another encounter of the desert the next day. Desert Night Camp is a luxury adventure camp located in Oman, where you can enjoy such activities.


Camel Rides across the Shifting Sands

The most ancient and most relaxing way to tour the Oman desert is on camel back. It is a sport that can be taken up by tourists of all ages. Choose to explore the golden sands of the desert on either one hour tours or more thorough half a day's safaris; which also includes refreshments. Enjoy the stunning vistas across the landscape while choosing a sunset tour will reward you with fabulous views of the setting sun across the golden dunes.


Sand Boarding

Sand boarding merges sledging and surfing that can be enjoyed under sunny skies. The glistening sand all around is quite alluring as you whizz down the slopes of the Wahiba Desert. Most tours last about half an hour, however tourists who develop a knack for sandboarding are encouraged to enjoy the sport for much longer. When staying at a luxurious desert adventure camp in Oman look forward to plenty of comfortable relaxation options – after a sandboarding experience.


Meet a Bedouin Family

Dig deep into the traditions and culture of the ancient Bedouin tribes of Oman; by booking a tour to visit a Bedouin family. The essence of the Wahiba Desert, these families offer an intriguing insight to the country's history. A typical visit would be for one hour, during which time you would be able to gather facts about the survival and general traditions of these nomadic tribes that have survived the harsh desert conditions over hundreds of years.