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You Daily Doze Of Facts And Information About Swarovski

All about Swarovski Crystals and other information that you want to know.

Swarovski Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets - My Jewellery Story

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Behind The Scenes With Swarovski: Masha Ma

Watch the video Behind The Scenes With Swarovski: Masha Ma on Yahoo News . This season, the Swarovski Collective has given its support (and its stones) to fourteen cutting-edge talents. To celebrate and document the designers' creative processes, Swarovski has produced behind-the-scenes films that follow every label on its journey down the Fall '13 runway.

How Is Swarovski Crystal Made?

How Is Swarovski Crystal Made?. Swarovski crystals do not occur naturally. They are man made and consist of 32 percent lead, which is a requirement when making the crystals. The use of lead allows for a material that can withstand cutting and engraving. Daniel Swarovski invented the formula for the crystals in the 1890s.

How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

Three Methods: Cleaning with a Dry Lint-Free Cloth Cleaning with Mild Dish Soap Keeping Swarovski Crystal Jewelry Clean Questions and Answers Swarovski crystals make stunning jewelry, but keeping them clean may be a challenge sometimes. Swarovski crystals have a thin protective gold or rhodium plating, which limits the jewelry cleaning methods that can be safely used.

What is a Swarovski Crystal?

A Swarovski Crystal is one of the most recognized brand of crystals in the world today. Sold under the Swarovski luxury brand name, these crystals have been famous worldwide for their precision cuts, clarity, and sparkle. Swarovski crystals have made appearances in all pieces of jewelry imaginable, including necklaces and pendants, earrings, rings, stick-on tattoos, and tiaras.

Cleaning Your Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski Silver Crystal, Crystal Moments & Paradise Swarovski recommends that you polish your Swarovski crystal regularly with the Swarovski polishing cloth. If soiled, use a soft brush to wash your crystal in lukewarm water containing a small amount of a mild detergent. Then rinse under running water.

How To Make Your Swarovski Jewelry Shine Again

As the economy is getting better, more people are willing to indulge on luxury items like jewelry to feel good. Swarovski jewelry can be considered one of the most popular jewelry being sought after by jewelry lover. The price of Swarovski jewelry is a little bit steeper when compared to most kinds of jewelry.

Your Guide to Choosing Swarovski Jewelry Necklace, Rings Etc.

Business Articles.Since the late 1800s, Swarovski has manufactured high-quality lead glass crystals. Setting the standard for fine Austrian lead glass crystal, Swarovski manufactures crystal items for a number of uses,...