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Golf is a popular club-and-ball game, in which players make use of various playing golf equipment to strike rounds to a set of openings on a meticulously prepared course as promptly as feasible. This video game can be played as either a professional or a private activity, and also is normally understood by the term "golf". A fairway is usually laid out with openings, and also golfers make use of golf equipment to hit the balls into these openings. Golf links can also be utilized for various other activities, such as hiking, running and biking.

A typical round of golf involves teeing up at the first teeing opening, adhering to which, the player will take his/her round onto the eco-friendly. The golfer then has to hit the ball in the direction of a line in between two messages on the environment-friendly (this is called the golf sphere's course through the air). The things of the game is to hit the ball right into the hole, without dropping it. If the round does not drop into the hole on the very first shot, the player must once more tee off till she or he hits the ball into the hole. The golf player may remain to embark on until he or she has completed ten openings.
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