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With 5 exclusive gym locations in key locations in Dubai. We have thought about everyone’s needs, from beach access and free parking down at JBR, to opening 24 hours a day in Al Quoz. We evolve every day with what is trending globally, continually investing in equipment, developing new classes & experiences classes like PoleHouse, Gone in 60 Seconds.

When Warehouse Gym opened in Al Quoz opened in 2013, we transformed the definition and perception of ‘going to the gym’. We invested in sound, music and lighting to create a heart pumping atmosphere with no shortage of pure motivation. This is why we’re the coolest gym in Dubai.

Boutique means personal. We have a select team of the best trainers in the city. You’ll get to know our them, they’ll become your friend, and they’ll never hesitate to stop by and give you some tips or advice during your workout.

What’s more, the class numbers are seriously restricted. This is so that you can get the most out of them, with more intimate one to one training from the coaches.

We’re growing, but we’re not a mass gym brand, with outlets that are a carbon copy of one another. Each of our gyms is a concept on its own. From the design, the music, the classes on offer to the people, your membership allows you to choose one that suits your mood, every day. whgym

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