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Looking For A Quality Vet In Spring Hill?
Check Out Silverthorn Animal Clinic – Spring Hill, FL
When looking to care for your furry family member, we know you only want the best. Some places don’t care for all your needs, while others try to do too much! Popular pet vets can require weeks of waiting for your next appointment.
Look no further! Choose Silverthorn Animal Clinic as your vet in Spring Hill, FL and you can leave your worries at the door.
Our Office
Our clinic is made to be comfortable for both you and your pet. The waiting room is calm so that your pet can relax while awaiting his or her appointment. We are even kid-friendly!
We are located on Powell Road here in Spring Hill and are here for all your general and emergency pet care needs. Our hours are flexible so we can try to catch you when you need us or if your furry friend is having an emergency. This includes evenings and Saturdays.
Visit our website to see our smiling faces even before you enter the clinic. This includes images of our doctors and office managers posing with their very own pets. Last, but not least, you might meet Stella, our patient care advocate, who is a black and white cat ready to love on anyone who visits! See how much we love animals? We are truly dedicated to improving the lives of the other species that inhabit this earth with us!
Become A New Patient Today!
You can come to Silverthorn for any of your pet’s healthcare needs! Think of us as a primary care office that can also deal with emergencies. You won’t have to shop around for a vet again! Call us (352) 345-4830 to schedule an appointment.

Silverthorn Animal Clinic
14263 Powell Road, Spring Hill, Florida 34609
(352) 345-4830
Silverthorn Animal Clinic

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