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Sansa M240 Product Review: Great MP3 Player for any Buck
I got myself this at Best Buy recently because that they a purchase on these. There're normally $79 but went for $69. Keep in mind, someone always knows a spot where you can comprehend it cheaper, but this may not be an undesirable deal because a) Best Buy was inevitable and b) I did a pre-balance credit card that caused it to be much easier to purchase. I watch free movies on Sansa at #link#, that must be i do.

What we Get

Storage: The Sansa m240 includes a 1GB drive for files. Honestly, most of the people have no need for much above this with regard to hearing music during the subway, running in the park, doing exercises, light housework, etc. You don't use a music player more than 2 hours, and 1GB is plenty of undertake a decent selection of tunes.

FM tuner: Great accessory! Should you wanna catch any local game while jogging or you're listening for the best radio station's contest, it is great to have a built-in FM tuner as an alternative to buying an extra FM transmitter add-on. You can find 6 slots designed for preset on the Sansa m240 so it will be even easier to uncover stations.

Voice recorder: pretty straightforward. Need to record a directory of groceries? Voice recorder is awesome for your task.

Arm strap and slip cover: The plastic slip cover was slightly tricky to me, but when I got it on, it gave the look of the perfect fit for any MP3 player. There were convenient openings for all the important buttons (hold, menu/off, volume). It even included a gap for the mic for you to record muffle-free. And also the Velcro arm strap was no real problem, either. Slip it into your provided cover slot and never pull too tight or you'll take off circulation.

Size: The Sansa M40 is just about 2 fingers wide and does not way very much. The screen is well sufficient enough that you navigate interior and exterior the menu.

movies Downloading: You'll could do with the provided USB add-on, but for anyone running Windows XP, downloading can be a breeze. I'll enter into the main points later, but this MP3 player makes navigating through tunes very easy.

Ear buds: The quality of sound through these ear buds is ok. movie review They did provide removable foam covers for each but, but not even attempt to rave about.

Quality Features

Navigation: What I prefer with this player would be the navigating ability through songs. You'll be able to choose by album, artist, song title, year, genre, almost however you must do it. In case you have a terrific audio tagging program or tagging skills, this feature ups its value tenfold.

Buttons: The buttons are fairly convenient to use on this player. The select button is raised up adequate to live aside of all the other buttons. There's also a dedicated button to the repeat features of the M240. I don't know if it needed their own button, however you can loop songs and segments of songs by navigating the repeat/ AB button. I might have preferred it to be an equalizer button.

The hold switch is at the base of you near the mic port. The menu/off button is on top; you will need to hold it down for 5 seconds for an entire power-off. Volume control is at the top, too, with regard to access.


Features include the information menu to inform that the amount space you've got left/how many of each one file type is loaded on top of the m40.

Additionally there is a nifty stopwatch menu for you personally joggers and runners.

While using settings menu you possibly can adjust almost everything came from here to include the equalizer, power-off, and sleep modes.

Lighting: Nowhere backlighting is ok. You should definitely adjust the setting from it to your choice within the settings menu. It's defaulted to 5 seconds, which isn't near long enough for me.


There's not a lot of problems with this Sansa player that I'll think of. The quality of sound isn't almost anything to boast about, yet it's suitable unless you're serious audiophile. As a serious audiophile you've probably saved up enough dough for any higher-end model anyway. It's like complaining that your particular Geo Metro isn't you'd like your Dodge Viper. This player, to compare, is like a 2003 Accord that has a V6: good bang for any buck and enough features to put it on the "standard" mark.

I'm still doing research for the adaptability of plugging it into your vehicle speakers, but there are not too many inexpensive alternatives for that.

Something that I must say i don't like is definitely the wherewithal to play songs completely from the player if it's hooked up through USB. I had created another smaller player with that capability given it had a primary plug-in on the golfer itself.

Overall, this really is a very good player for any $60-$80 range. shows it selling between $52 and $102, based on the store and what hoops you need to jump through.

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