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Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman is a well-known personality in the South African corridors of justice. He is a partner at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, a law firm that is well known when matters related to offering its clients the best service are concerned. The law firm was founded on the precepts that every problem needed a solution that that also needs the right ingredients. The firm is adequately equipped with excellent legal skills, experience, and knowledge to be in a position to provide the best legal solutions and advice.

Those who have been served by either Frans Schoeman or the law firm are always full of praise for good services. It is one of the most sought after, respected and highly connected laws firms in the Republic of South Africa. It is associated with different commercial enterprises that have a solid base of clients that is made up of international and national companies as well as limited and unlimited companies. The law firm is proud to be associated in many success stories that have ensured that clients get compensated for millions of Rands. It has in the past won big for clients, and the biggest was an arbitration award that exceeded R120 million.

Frans and his firm have a strong belief in striving to limit all other professional mandates to their specialized areas so as to have ample time to give their clients the quality of service they truly deserve. Together with his partner, they have combined experience that is more than thirteen years with him having practiced for not less than twenty-one years.

Almost every legal need can be solved by this experienced law firm. They offer services for different areas like administrative law, insurance law, competition law, intellectual property law, labor law, constitutional law, municipal law, property and transfers, estates and trusts, environmental law, corporate and litigation law, financial services among others. Frans Schoeman is the most senior attorney in the firm, and he is well known for expertise and stamina especially in areas related to business and commercial law.

He is in charge of overseeing the construction and diligence in complicated legal matters that are related to procurement contract issues, mergers, acquisitions and many others. He is also philanthropic to causes that support politics, human rights, children, education, art and culture and many others. He is an exemplary example of an individual who has succeeded in changing the society positively in the best ways that he can.

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