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By doing this, one cut produces 2 pegs which are sharp adequate to drive right into the ground using a stone, hard log or mallet. Double up the cord, pass a loophole through after that pass tag ends back with loop (its a great concept to do this step in the house and also leave the bottom tie's connected to the tarp to optimize your configuration time) and also after that around your ground peg using a knot you currently understand as if you are connecting your footwear.) When planning an area to establish your short-lived survival sanctuary using your 8' x 10' Endure Survival Waterproof Tarpaulin there are a few points you may wish to take into consideration: Orient the sanctuary so that the reduced side points into prevailing climate, nevertheless, if a fire is to be used to heat up the lean-to, the front of shelter should be alongside the prevailing wind. Read Full Article

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