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Sleep Number will never purchase anything here again, and will warn off friends and family. My neighbor was going to buy one this week, but after telling them my horror story, they have decided against it.

I called customer service to schedule a return and after being on the phone for almost an hour was told I couldn't return the base, the sheets, pillows, and mattress topper. The only thing they would take back was the mattress itself, but still charged me another $199 to pick it up.
After tax, you're looking at around $1,000 for an air mattress with a warranty that, by many reports from other customers, may not actually be backed by the manufacturer. Nonetheless, having had TWO very disappointing experiences with two different high-end memory foam beds (each in the $1,000 price range), my wife and I decided to give the C2 a try.
I am disgusted that a company that is supposed to be top of the line has such terrible policies. I spent a small fortune on this, and they won't refund me until 7 days after pick up which is a month away.
We were told there was a 25 year warranty on the bed. When we tried to use the warranty to replace the pump we were told that it was not part of the warranty. We didn’t get much assistance or empathy from the customer service either. We feel we were lied to at the time of the sale. I will never buy another item from Sleep Number and I will tell all my friends to not purchase a bed from that company.
I will never purchase another sleep number bed. We spent a fortune on the mattress, base, sheets, pillows, etc. After sleeping on it my husband had an allergic reaction to the materials which caused welts all over his body.
Oh, and you can’t choose to pickup or return the mattress on your own. Their stores do not have warehouses, so you have to pay the delivery and return fee. If you do decide to try this mattress make sure you’re fairly certain or willing to pay $400+ to try. Wish I would have seen this prior to spending 10k on our new SN I10 and base. I loved my old top of the line SN bed which we slept on for nearly 12 years and figured it was time for an upgrade. The I10 seemed really comfortable in the store.
We will be satisfied with our purchase if our bed stays inflated for at least a decade, and adjusts in firmness when we need it to. Regular air bed designs use only a 2-zone system that allows you to change the comfort and support of each side separately. By using a special 4 port pump, instead of the 2 pump that other competitors use, you can easily toggle between mid-section lumbar zone and the head and leg zones. This works extremely well if you are someone who likes more pressure relief where the shoulders are, but also desires more support under the low back and hip region.
I discovered this after having this bed recommended to me by several people, but for me it induced lower back pain, regardless of the setting I used. On scheduling for return customer service kindly lets you know that you’re going to receive a refund minus $400.

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