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Beth Kanter,

“I love because it lets me correct short, well-curated and organized lists of resources for my audience.“

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

“I love lists and turns out so do my readers - the Listly tool makes putting together visually pleasing lists to run with my posts a joy and the fact that people collaborate on and share the lists makes the posts even stronger.“

Joe Pullizi, Content Marketing Institute

“We use Listly to keep track of all media and event coverage for our events, as well as research lists and review lists. Listly has answered our prayers in a lot of ways to help our community find better information and add to the content marketing conversation.“

Chris Dancy, ServiceSphere

“Without Listly our community could not have democratized content, conferences and participation. Listly enabled us to create a platform of peer selected speakers that generated our first six figure event in 2013.“

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Shyam “30% of all web content are lists or contain list content. Listly is the infrastructure that makes this content social.”
- Shyam Subramanyan

Nick “Lists & collaboration are in our DNA. Listly connects these two core human traits in an app that is as social as a campfire.”
- Nick Kellet