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Theodore Sumrall

Dr. Theodore Sumrall works for GeoGenCo, LLC as the senior vice president of engineering. He pursued Bachelor in Chemistry from Brigham Young University. Later, Dr. Sumrall was awarded a full government scholarship to pursue his Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tokyo (listed as one of the top ten globally ranked Universities for Chemical Engineering). Microbiocides and uses thereof, Microbiocides et utilisations de ces derniers, Systems et procedes de generation d'haloamines et leurs, Applications dans des exploitations de petrole et de gaz, Systems and Methods for Generating Electricity Using Heat from within the Earth, Aluminized Eutectic bonded insensitive high explosive, Systems and methods for power devices with a thermoelectric system, Systems and methods for generating electricity using a stirling engine, Systems and methods for powering devices with thermoelectric system, Systems and methods for generating electricity using a thermoelectric generator and body of water. Dr. Theodore Sumrall specializes in chemical engineering aspects like - Renewable Energy, Chemical Formulation Optimization, Process Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Drilling Operations, Drilling Fluids, Product Development, Design & Specifications, Intellectual Property, R & D, Leadership, Product Innovation, Production & Testing, Project Program Management.He has over 30 years of domestic and international experience in the chemical, geothermal, oil and gas (upstream, (onshore and off-shore), midstream and downstream), petroleum, renewable energy, precious metals mining and defense industries.

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