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As well as that having authority one way links to a page boosts the search engine rankings. Below is a method this explains how to get authority back-links.

1 . Firstly, find out the backlinks of your competitor's site by using a tool called "Yahoo site explorer". This application lets you see who are relating to your competitor's page.

2 . Separate the authority back links or high PR links from low PR links. Today let us analyze "why" these authority sites are linking towards your competitors.

High PR links might be from

a. A blog post site with high PR.
f. An online news website.
d. Joint venture site of your competitor.

etc ...

If the link is definitely from a press release site, discover

a. What did often the competitor do to produce the discharge?
b. Can you develop a very similar event and issue over the same channels?
c. Go on a snippet from the opening section of your competitors press release and search for other sites hosting this content. Contact those sites and offer a selective before you post through a press services like PRWeb. People and media outlets similar to having information before it truly is made public.

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