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Nicholas Kyriacopoulos

My background and experience include 20+ years in coaching fellow faculty and learners in the successful development of their academic journal articles, books, capstone projects, and MBA and Doctoral Personal Statements. My goal is to successfully apply my decades of academic successes and corporate executive experience to the development and delivery of writing/editing services for authors who are trying to publish academic works in English. I have energized and strengthened an international range of learners and professionals I coached to write clearly and precisely with passion within the context of their academic and professional work.

My academic and professional content publishing experience has been recognized by numerous institutions and professional bodies with awards over the last 40 years. I have served as a dissertation coach, book editor, dissertation chair, thesis coach, thesis/dissertation content expert, dissertation/thesis editor, contributing editor, manuscript editor, journal reviewer, conference reviewer, and book reviewer to a long list of professional publishers and academic journals.

I am the author of numerous journal articles, three books, and conference proceedings.

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