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College dating seems to be very important in the span of someone's life, whether it be the list of people they hooked up with or the person they married. I know more friends who coupled up and stayed coupled while meeting in college. I just graduated from Bentley College near Boston, MA and I realize the potential for success by finding your true love in College.

My story begins as a sophomore in college. I'm living in a suite room with 7 other guys, I know it sounds like a lot, but actually it was quite spacious and a ton of fun. One weekend I was invited to go out for Thai food downtown Boston, interesting enough the restaurant burned down two weeks later. We piled in my friend's SUV with a bunch of other friends. This one girl in the back seat I never met before.

Anyway by the nights end I was comfortable to be myself around her, and somehow ended up making her pee her pants, while I made a complete fool of myself. So that is where it all began. Almost 3 years later we are still together, and getting together with different groups of friends produced several other 'couple friends' we hang out with today.

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