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People Who Opted Out of Klout

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  1. Steven Pofcher @sPofcher

    View Steven Pofcher's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Steven Pofcher discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

  2. @SamFiorella - I'm Taking Back my Influence

    So after almost a year of complaining about the evils of Klout and its minions I've finally been told to put my money where my mouth is And I've accepted the challenge by opting out of K...

  3. @LizStrauss - Klout, My Story & Why Opting Out Was My Only Choice

    It's My Story When I was growing up, what we knew about each other wasn't called data. It was called interaction, stories, and information. It came in the form of experience and shared events, gossip and oral history, and reports and report cards....

  4. @pammarketingnut - Why I Deleted My Klout Profile

    After much research, conversation and analysis I have decided to delete my Klout profile. I am concerned with privacy, honesty and accuracy.

  5. @mattlacasse - Why I Quit Klout

    Influence. In the world of digital marketing, influence is a currency quickly becoming almost as valuable as actual money for brands. Who is an influencer in this brave new world? How can you measu...

  6. @schmutzie - Why I Quit Klout, Why You Should, Too, And How To Opt Out

    Schmutzie.com is the personal weblog of Schmutzie (aka Elan Morgan), a blogger, photographer, designer, crafter, feminist, social networker, and an outlaw for your love.

  7. @loebben - Why I Quit Klout and You Should Too

    For me it all started when Klout introduced their new algorithm, which slowly ate away at my Klout score. I dropped from the low 50s to the 40s with no end in sight. This small factor played into my decision to quit Klout. My Reasoning   Who Cares? The real reason I quit Klout is because in all honesty who actually cares? Klout supposedly measures influence, but who is Klout to define influence? ...

  8. Lynette Young - I no longer feel dirty and hypocritical.

    I no longer feel dirty and hypocritical.

    I just deleted my Klout account and removed API access from Facebook & Twitter. Best of luck to the company and…

  9. @FredMcClimans - Fred McClimans #UnOccupyKlout

    After announcing that I was going to delete my Klout account (and kick off the unofficial #UnOccupyKlout hashtag), I have been asked numerous times about…

  10. Jane Boyd - @boydjane

    Entrepreneur, blogger, educator & speaker. Focus on social business, work-life & wellbeing. Live, laugh & earn with generosity & intention.

  11. Chris Eh Young - @Chris_Eh_Young

    Retired maker of children. Current bank for said children. Event speaker, marketer, business grower, operational efficiency guy, culture creator.

  12. Tweet4Ok - @Tweet4OK

    Helping you build better Networks by using Social Media Tools. Effect Networking solutions for your #business needs. CEO (Chief Engagement Officer) @frith64