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13 Social TV Links

The best links on the web about how new media is affecting television. Curated by @charlotteclark.

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  1. 13 Social TV Links | Social TV gaining traction in the UK

    The crossover between social media and TV in the UK is gaining traction. Apps like Zeebox, and Channel 4seven shows the growing demand.

  2. 13 Social TV Links | Telegraph Hill to Deliver Cross-Platform Solution for Free Speech for BBC Three

    Telegraph Hill has been appointed by Mentorn Media to deliver online strategy, content and social media technology for it’s new fully interactive, live debate show, Free Speech, on BBC THREE.

  3. 13 Social TV Links | As Seen On TV - Media Hacking The Tube

    How much disruption will the television industry face? New Media pundits made a big mistake when betting against television. Sure, the Internet has put the pain on media platforms like newspapers, magazines and radio, but television is still going strong....

  4. 13 Social TV Links | First four chapter's of 'Permission Marketing'

    Seth Godin talks about interruption marketing.

  5. 13 Social TV Links | Hey, Clay Shirky – TV is just as valuable as the net

    Why does Clay Shirky believe the internet is better than television, asks Tess Alps

  6. 13 Social TV Links | Social TV on Mashable

    Social television is a general term for technology that supports communication and social interaction in either the context of watching television, or related to TV content. It also includes the study of television-related social behavior, devices...

  7. 13 Social TV Links | Social TV Digest

    Covering the fast-growing intersection of television + social media. We curate the latest news and trends affecting the Social TV landscape. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

  8. 13 Social TV Links | Social TV Forum - The Future of TV & Social Media

    Social TV Forum - A two day conference dedicated to Social TV. Learn from broadcasters, content providers, social networks, brands, advertisers and analysts.

  9. 13 Social TV Links | Zeebox monetises its social TV app with 'click-to-buy' tags

    Social TV app Zeebox has moved to monetise its service by launching ‘click-to-buy’ icons during ad breaks.

  10. 13 Social TV Links | The Future of TV: No Networks, Remotes...or TVs?

    TV networks will be dead in 20 years, replaced with a system of computerized content that will be molded to your preferences. That's one of ten predictions made by 50 television experts interviewed and polled by Cisco Systems.

  11. 13 Social TV Links | Three Lessons for Social TV

    You may have noticed something was missing throughout the nation's most social sporting event of the year. The Super Bowl in-game broadcast had zero social media TV integration. With more than a billion people on Facebook and Twitter alone, many of them watching the game, this was a missed opportunity. Why did NBC and the NFL miss the boat? Likely, the common internal social media struggles got in the way. Incorporating social media into the...

  12. 13 Social TV Links | We Are a World of Fledgling TV Stations

    It dawns on me that we are a world of fledgling tv stations.

  13. 13 Social TV Links | The Ultimate Lifehack: Gain Back 13.9% Or More Time

    TV viewing trends move in the direction of watching more as we have. Instead of this, what if you removed TV from your life and pursued something?