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Oxygen Not Include, the colony simulation from Klei, confirmed for Mac

May 21, 2017 - - 6
Oxygen Not Include, the colony simulation from Klei, confirmed for Mac

Klei Entertainment, the developer behind indie gems such as Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve, has some news regarding their latest project.

Oxygen Not Included, their next game, will hit Steam Early Access later this month. This means players will be able to pick up a work-in-progress version and help shape the final game by giving feedback to the developer.

The bad news is that this Early Access version will only support Windows-PCs. The good news? Klei has confirmed that Mac and Linux versions are officially coming too, only at a later date.

This is what Klei told GamingonLinux on Twitter:

It's on our to-do list along with Mac. Not sure exactly when just yet, but we're working on that for a future update.

My take: I know we have another colony simulation game coming to Mac (Surviving Mars), but this one has me more excited. For one, it has the same type of graphics that worked so well on Don’t Starve. Second, it’s a game from Klei, a studio that only produces great games. Not good games, great games.

Via GamingonLinux.

May 20, 2017 - - 18
Dawn of War 3's Mac version coming on June 8

ight on the heels of Mafia 3, another AAA game is about to hit MacOS.

Feral Interactive just announced real-time strategy game, Warhammer 4,000: Dawn of War 3, is coming to Mac and Linux on June 8, 2017.

These are excellent news. First, because it’s the first Dawn of War game since 2009. Second, because it will be released on Mac less than two months later than the Windows version. Some games take years to come to the Mac. If they come at all…

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May 19, 2017 - - 43
Did Apple just kill tenths of loyal websites? | Mac Gamer HQ

In one swift move, Apple nearly killed tenths of websites that exist for the sole purpose of promoting their ecosystem.

How could that be?

It all started on April 24, when Apple announced it would reduce the commissions it pays on App purchases from 7% to 2.5%, effective May 1st. Almost a two-thirds cut.

If you’re part of the iTunes Affiliate Program, each time a purchase is made using your affiliate link, Apple gives a commission. The buyer pays the normal price and the affiliate gets a cut from Apple, a win-win situation for readers and content producers.

Plus, because of the steady decline of Ad revenue, affiliate sales have become the main source of revenue for many sites, Mac Gamer HQ included.

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Survival game, The Long Dark, gets a release date (finally!)

May 17, 2017
Survival game, The Long Dark, gets a release date (finally!)

The Long Dark has been sort of available for a while now, but only as an unfinished game on Steam Early Access.

But now the team behind this beautiful survival game set in the Canadian wilderness is getting ready for a final release of the game set on August 1, 2017.

Other than including hundreds of fixes and enhancements, the final game will feature the long awaited story mode, which will be released in episodes (a trend I'm afraid is taking off). Only the first 2 episodes will be available on August 1.

Among the many other changes planned, the developer plans:

Modifications to the game world, environment art updates across the entire world, an entirely new UI, several new gameplay mechanics, and general refinements to existing mechanics, as well as optimizations and hundreds of bug fixes.

My take: I actually got it and played it for a couple of hours a few months ago. It was a very good game. The only reason I stopped was because I got obsessed with ARK: Survival Evolved... With a story mode, enhancements and bug fixes, this game has the potential to be really good. We shall see on August 1.

If The Long Dark sounds interesting to you, you should probably get it now for $20 before it goes to $35 later this month.

Via Destructoid.


XCOM spiritual successor, Phoenix Point, is coming to Mac

May 15, 2017
XCOM spiritual successor, Phoenix Point, is coming to Mac

Phoenix Point, a tactical turn-based game from the creator of the original XCOM, has reached its crowdfunding goal.

The team at Snapshot Games has raised over $600,000 on Fig (with 23 more days to go) securing the game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In Phoenix Point, players take on the role of a secret organisation called the Phoenix Point. The game features turn based tactics and world based strategy in a fight against a terrifying, alien menace. This may sound a lot like XCOM, but that makes sense as Julian Gallop, the man who gave birth to the XCOM franchise, is behind the project.

The game will also feature customisable soldiers, mutating aliens, destructible environments and boss battles. Enough to give XCOM 2 a run for its money. Julian Gollop says it’s the game he’s been wanting to make since 1997’s X-COM: Apocalypse.

The campaign is still open and has two interesting stretch goals if you want to participate. The first one, unlocked if the campaign reaches $650,000, will add drivable vehicles to the game. The second one, unlocked at $850,000, will add a floating fortress that can attack the enemy from the sea.

The game is expected for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in late 2018.

My take: XCOM 2 is an excellent turn-based game and I wouldn't want to compete against it. But after checking Phoenix Point and seeing what they have created so far, I have the feeling this will be a high quality game. Enough to surpass XCOM 2? Unlikely, but I hope they prove me wrong.

Via Polygon.


Feel like colonizing Mars? City-building game, Surviving Mars, is coming to Mac in 2018

May 14, 2017 - - 55
Feel like colonizing Mars? City-building game, Surviving Mars, is coming to Mac in 2018

Developer Haemimont Games, better known for the Tropico series, is ready to tackle something new and exciting.

They have partnered with Paradox (also a veteran when it comes to strategy games) on a new city building game called Surviving Mars. As the name implies, the game takes place on Mars and is about making Elon Musk's dream a reality: colonizing Mars.

As officially revealed by Paradox:

In Surviving Mars, players will lead a colonization effort on the surface of Mars, from the very first rovers and supply drops to the construction of suitable habitats for brave settlers from Earth. Every colonist will be vital to the mission as the colony struggles to gain a foothold where the environment is hostile and resources are scarce.

With each success, however, players will gain the ability to expand further, and even establish a thriving society – and lead a new generation that has never known the Earth.

The game is planned for 2018 and will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.

My take: It's great to see developers mention their plans for Mac and Linux right out of the gate. In many cases, I have to scour the web to find an obscure forum post mentioning possible plans for Mac and Linux. Kudos to Haemimont Games. Plus, I used to love their Tropico games, especially Tropico 3. The series eventually became a little too much of the same to me so I'm excited to see them move on to something different (while staying close to their roots: city-builders).

Via Destructoid.

May 10, 2017 - - 87
Mafia 3 for Mac Released - Exclusive Reveal

Aspyr has finally confirmed the final release date for Mafia 3’s Mac version:

The game is coming tomorrow, May 11, 2017. And will support Apple’s Metal API.

This information comes straight from Aspyr, who agreed to let Mac Gamer HQ share this information exclusively.

It’s 1968 and after years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for.

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May 07, 2017 - - 43
Apple is NOT lowering app affiliate commissions

It seems there has been a big misunderstanding.

Two weeks Apple shocked the press with the announcement that commissions for all app and in-app content would be reduced from 7% to 2.5%, effective May 1st.

A huge change that would deeply affect all sites that spend much of their day covering and reviewing apps, Mac Gamer HQ included. And by merely giving a one week notice, some wondered what was Apple’s plan here.

As officially announced by Apple:

Starting on May 1st 2017, commissions for all app and in-app content will be reduced from 7% to 2.5% globally. All other content types (music, movies, books, and TV) will remain at the current 7% commission rate in all markets. We will also continue to pay affiliate commissions on Apple Music memberships so there are many ways to earn commissions with the program.

The message is crystal clear, yet it seems that wasn’t exactly what Apple meant.

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May 01, 2017 - - 106
April 2017 is the most exciting month for Mac gaming I have ever seen

I know I said something similar last month, but nothing comes close to this past April in terms of quality Mac games released. In fact, I would go as far as to say that April 2017 is the most exciting month for Mac gaming I have ever seen.

That's quite a statement, but the games are there to back it. In April there were three highly anticipated AAA games, two remasters of beloved classics and a few indies that first killed it on Kickstarter and now are killing with great reviews.

You know how I only include the top highlights to the New Mac games page? Well, April saw 10 highlights:

Everything: Everything is not merely a game, it's an experience. In this procedural simulation game, everything you see is a thing you can be, from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond. Everything for Mac takes place in a vast universe you can explore without specific goals or tasks to complete. Released on April 21.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is Telltale's latest adventure game. In Guardians of the Galaxy for Mac our heroes discover an artifact of unspeakable power. Each Guardian has a reason to desire this relic, but so does a ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to get it.

Planetscape: Torment Enhanced Edition: The original Planetscape: Torment, released in 1999, is considered a masterpiece. And if you haven't played it, Planetscape Torment: Enhanced Edition for Mac leaves you no excuse: it includes gameplay updates, bug fixes, remastered music, 4K support and more.

Total War: Warhammer: Following the Total War formula, this is an addictive turn-based empire-building with colossal, real-time battles. This time, it includes legendary heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures and magical powers.

Flinthook: Flinthook is a fast action oriented platformer with “roguelike” elements. The game will let you become the greatest pirate with the help of a hookshot, pistol and slowmo powers. Ethan Lee is in charge of the Mac port.

Hollow Knight: Featuring a gorgeous hand-drawn 2D style, Hollow Knight is an epic action adventure game taking place in a ruined kingdom of insects and heroes. Explore twisting caverns, battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs.

Yooka-Laylee: Yooka-Laylee is an open-world platformer from the creative talent behind the Banjo-Kazooie. Explore huge, beautiful worlds as buddy-duo Yooka and Laylee embark on an epic adventure.

F1 2016: F1 2016 is the latest Formula 1 racing simulation. This entry goes deeper, allowing you to work with your agent, engineer, and team to develop your car in a career that spans up to ten seasons.

As always, you can check out all new releases and upcoming Mac games on this page.


Ars and GOG are giving away The Witcher to everyone!

Apr 26, 2017
Ars and GOG are giving away The Witcher to everyone!

You need to jump on tbis RIGHT NOW:

Ars Technica and GOG are giving away The Witcher: Enhanced Edition to everyone.

And yes, everyone gets a free copy, as long as you request it in the next 19 hours (the giveaway will only last 48 hours total). All you need to do is head over to Ars Technica and enter your email address into their little widget:

You'll need to supply a valid e-mail address, because we'll e-mail the code to you. Once you have a code, head to to redeem the code and download the game.

I just followed the steps and got myself a free copy. I can confirm everything worked as planned.

The free code works on Windows and Mac, but sadly not on Linux.

Get your free copy here.


Guardians of the Galaxy is finally available on Mac

Apr 24, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy is finally available on Mac

There you have it, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is now available on Mac.

The game was only a few days late, but it still made me nervous (the fact Telltale never replied to any of my 100 tweets helped). Getting a Mac port just a few days later than Windows is quite an accomplishment, but as pointed out by PAG, Telltale's Batman game and The Walking Dead: A New Hope are still missing on Mac.

I was worried Telltale had officially given up on MacOS.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Mac system requirements are the following:

  • OS: macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Requires Metal

As seen on the system requirements, Guardians of the Galaxy also requires Metal and I bet this is what's delaying Telltale's games. Metal blocked several Mac releases for months until it was properly updated with MacOS 10.12.4.

I'm glad to see Telltale supporting their latest game and I hope Batman and the newest The Walking Dead will follow soon.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest game from Telltale and another attempt to create a great episodic game using a popular franchise:

In the wake of an epic battle, the Guardians discover an artifact of unspeakable power. Each of the Guardians has a reason to desire this relic, as does a ruthless enemy who is the last of her kind, and who will stop at nothing to tear it from their hands.

You can grab the game on Steam.


19 years later, Starcraft becomes free-to-play

Apr 19, 2017
19 years later, Starcraft becomes free-to-play

Originally released in 1998, the first Starcraft changed the real-time strategy genre for the better. It was a massive game that also helped develop online multiplayer and cemented Blizzard as one of the best video game developers out there, a title it still holds.

Now, nearly 20 years later, the monument to gaming that is Starcraft has become free to play for Mac and Windows-PC. And by free-to-play, I mean completely free, no micro transactions nor paid subscriptions. Don’t believe me? You can grab the original Starcraft and the Brood Ward expansion over here.

As Destructoid’s Brett Makedonski rightfully points out, this isn’t simply a good deed from Blizzard. This is a marketing effort to help promote their upcoming (and paid) Starcraft Remaster. But, hey, giving away the originals and remastering one of the games I played the most when I was a teenager are still great news.

So thank you for the gift Blizzard and hope that remaster will help such an amazing game survive for many more years.

Via Destruction.

Apr 19, 2017 - - 132
Total War: Warhammer for Mac is Finally Available

It was disappointing when Total War: Warhammer was released on Windows with no signs of a Mac version. It was even worst when it was later announced for Autumn 2016 but never made it.

But Total War: Warhammer’s Mac version is finally available!

The Mac version of the game was released by Feral Interactive on April 18 and you can get it from the Mac App Store right now.

Read more.


Don't miss Feral Interactive's big Easter sale

Apr 15, 2017
Don't miss Feral Interactive's big Easter sale

Feral Interactive is hosting a big Easter sale, full of Mac and Linux games.

And the discounts are significant too (I wouldn't bother you with a measly 20 or 30% discount!). Most games are 50% off:

  • Alien: Isolation - The Collection - 50% off
  • Dawn of War II - Master Collection - 50% off
  • XCOM 2 - 50% off
  • Grid Autosport - 50% off

Plus, when you buy directly from their store, you support them better than simply using Steam or the Mac App Store.

Check it out.

Apr 13, 2017 - - 201
The 10 Best RPG games for Mac

f you’re a Mac gamer and a fan of Role Playing Games (RPGs), you’ve never been at a loss for AAA titles.

Even during the dark days of the late 1990s/early 2000s, when we wondered whether gaming on the Mac would survive, top tier RPGs continued to be released on our favorite platform. Thankfully those dark days are long gone, but the pedigree of the best RPG games for Mac has continued unabated.

More recently the RPG genre seems to be undergoing a renaissance, thanks especially to Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites. New games, updates of classics, and innovative takes on the genre have all found crowdfunding success.

Of all game genres, Mac RPG games arguably provide the greatest embarrassment of riches, so much so that picking a top 10 is sure to leave some great games out in the cold. That said, we’re going to give it a shot (with a little cheating), and if we left your favorite RPG off our list, let us know in the comments.

Read more.

Apr 07, 2017 - - 88
F1 2016's Mac Version is Now Available

And the exciting news continue. After finally setting a definitive

After finally setting a definitive release date for Total War: Warhammer, Feral Interactive reveals another surprise:

F1 2016 Mac version is now available for Mac.

It’s been three years since a new F1 game was released on Mac and I’m glad Feral managed to lock down one of the best-rated Formula 1 games from recent times.

Read more.


Join this weekly Company of Heroes 2 session for Mac App Store users

Apr 04, 2017
Join this weekly Company of Heroes 2 session for Mac App Store users

Feral Interactive keeps working hard on making their ports better. Company of Heroes 2 was released over a year ago, but Feral keeps improving the Multiplayer experience for Mac App Store users.

If you purchased the game on Steam, you don't have to worry as Steam already has solid online multiplayer as it is. If you got your copy on the Mac App Store though, you probably noticed how hard it was to set up an online match.

Feral Interactive has your back though. A few months ago they released Calico, their multiplayer matching service for games purchased through the Mac App Store. We discussed it in length when we interviewed them.

But Feral is taking things one step further. They are starting a weekly multiplayer event in which someone from Feral plays Mac App Store users in Company of Heroes 2. That's right, you can take on one of the individuals that brought Company of Heroes 2 to Mac. Cool right?

The event is every Friday at 3PM UK time, and Feral aims to show us how easy it is to play online using Calico.

To join, you'll need to:
1. Create a Calico account on the website:
2. Use the "Friends" tab to add "Feral_Samy" as a friend.
3. Launch the game shortly before 3PM BST / 2PM UTC / 7AM PDT on Friday.
4. Look for our public lobby or ask Feral_Samy for an invite.
5. Advance on the enemy in full force!

See you on the other side.

Apr 01, 2017 - - 99
Just witnessed an amazing month for Mac gaming

I just witnessed an amazing month for Mac gaming.

And I just had to share it with you. Because the final days of March brought so many exciting news and games to the Mac platform it's hard not to get excited.

As always, all new releases and upcoming Mac games can be found here, bbut I wanted to give you a quick summary of the most exciting games. The games I personally can't wait to try.

In March 2017, the Mac platform saw the following releases:

X-Plane 11
X-Plane 11 is the most detailed, realistic, and modern flight simulator around. It includes a refined user interface, 3-D cockpits, and more. This all helps make this tough simulation more accessible to newcomers. Released March 30.

Thimbleweed Park:
From the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion comes a new adventure game. This Kickstarter success let's you switch between five playable characters to uncover the surreal secrets of a strange town. Released March 30.

Beat Cop:
Beat Cop is a new adventure game from 11bit studios and Pixel Crow. A murder took place and it is your job to find out who did it. Expect thick crime story and a lot of black humour. Released March 30.

Ballistic Overkill:
Ballistic Overkill is a fast paced PvP shooter where you can select from one of 7 classes, each with their own skills and weapons. It aims to be a combination of Call of Duty with Overwatch and the result is quite impressive. Released March 29.

Obduction is a new sci-fi adventure game from Cyan, the creators of Myst. Abducted far across the universe, you find yourself far away from Earth. Explore, uncover, solve, and find a way to make it home. Released March 29.

And if these are not enough to get you excited, Feral Interactive finally gave us a release date for Total War: Warhammer and F1 2016!

For even more releases from March, check our New Mac games page.

Mar 31, 2017 - - 65
Total War: Warhammer for Mac Finally Coming this April

It was disappointing when Total War: Warhammer was released on Windows with no signs of a Mac version. It was even worst when it was later announced for last Autumn but never made it.

But Total War: Warhammer’s Mac version seems to be finally ready for prime time.

According to Feral Interactive, the company behind both Mac and Linux versions, it’s coming this April 2017. Within 30 days.

Read more.

Mar 26, 2017 - - 32
Grid Autosport for iPad and iPhone coming this spring | Mac Gamer HQ

I never talk about iOS games, but this one is worth mentioning:

GRID Autosport is coming to iPad and iPhone.

Not only is GRID Autosport a serious, full-fledged racing game (easily one of the top racing games on Mac), it’s also a hardcore game that, once you bump all settings to Manual, can become a challenging simulation.

That would be a first for iPad or iPhone.

And just as the Mac version, Feral Interactive is in charge of Grid Autosport iPad and iPhone versions. We can, therefore, expect a solid port with good performance.

Read more.

Mar 25, 2017 - - 118
The 11 Best Simulation Games for Mac

Want a change from the sci-fi adventures, the reckless shooting or the fantasy quests most games deal with? Then today you’re in luck:

The Mac is full of top-notch simulation games to try.

Whilst it is undeniably fun to play games for escapism, simulation games allow players to experience something from the real world.
From being the mayor of a city to managing a football team, these games require patience and a bit of brainpower to get the most from them.

Read more.

Mar 21, 2017 - - 63
Mafia 3 for Mac version is officially coming this year

This update was long overdue, but we now have confirmation that Mafia 3’s Mac version is coming soon.

According to Aspyr Media, the game is scheduled for 2017.

I first reported Mafia 3 was coming to consoles and Windows in June 2016, but little else was known at the time.

Besides an out of the record confirmation from 2K at last year’s Gamescom event, it was still unknown when the Mac version of the game would be released and who would be in charge of the port.

But everything is clear now.

Read more.

Mar 17, 2017 - - 84
The list of Upcoming Mac games keeps growing, this time thanks to three exciting indies

And the list of hot upcoming Mac games keeps growing, this time with the help of three very exciting indie games.

All three games are scheduled for later this year and all three have confirmed Mac versions:

Tooth and Tail: From the creators of Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine comes Tooth and Tail, a arcadey real-time strategy game. Set in a world of animal revolution, Tooth and Tail boils down to a few buttons and intense eight-minute matches.
Gorogoa: Gorogoa is a beautiful hand-drawn game that takes place within a puzzle. The game is about solving puzzles by stacking and connecting panels, which may sound simple, but end result is stunning.
Chasm: Chasm is a pixelated adventure game featuring huge procedurally-generated areas. Help our hero, Daltyn, by gaining new abilities and equipment, evade dangerous traps, and defeat hordes of deadly enemies.

I would like to give Kevin, a Mac Gamer HQ reader, a big thank you for spending so much time looking for exciting new Indies coming to the Mac (and sharing the best with me). Keep them coming!

"Is that all? Aren't there more indies coming to the Mac?" I hear you asking. Well, of course there are. In fact, there are tenths of new games released every week, including for Mac. The thing is, I try my best to filter them to only include the most noteworthy games. Else, the list would become huge and it would become nearly impossible for you to separate the few good games from the many mediocre ones.

But then the problem becomes: How to separate the attention worthy games from the rest? It's easy for released games, you can just look at the reviews to get an idea of a game's quality. But what about the upcoming games?

This is a serious dilemma I face every week and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


The Witness is finally available for Mac

Mar 15, 2017 - - 122
The Witness is finally available for Mac

After more than a year waiting for it, The Witness is finally available on the Mac App Store.

Not familiar with The Witness? Well, this open world puzzle game comes from Jonathan Blow, the man behind the now indie classic Braid:

The Witness is a single-player game in an open world with dozens of locations to explore and over 500 puzzles. This game respects you as an intelligent player and it treats your time as precious. There's no filler; each of those puzzles brings its own new idea into the mix. So, this is a game full of ideas.

To play it, you'll need macOS 10.11.6 or later with 4GB of RAM and 5GB available storage space.

The Mac version of the game should be released on Steam soon (allowing you to get it for free if you already own the Windows version), but in the meantime, you can download it from the Mac App Store.

Mar 12, 2017 - - 116
Day of Infamy, Unexplored, Beat Cop and more added to the list of upcoming Mac games

We are still waiting on Total War: Warhammer and Mafia 3, but that doesn't mean Mac gaming has been quiet. In fact, last week I spent a few hours verifying and adding lots of games to our Upcoming Mac games list.

If you want more details and a complete overview of all the games expected to come to Mac, head over to the New Mac games page. But if you want a short summary:

  • Day of Infamy: Day of Infamy was already on the list, but now that it has a definitive release date, it was updated. Set in WWII and featuring tactical close-quarters battles, Day of Infamy is a highly intense teamwork-rewarding experience.
  • Beat Cop: Beat Cop is a new adventure game from 11bit studios and Pixel Crow.
  • Thimbleweed Park: From the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion comes this new adventure game.
  • Graveyard Keeper: From the creators of Punch Club comes Graveyard Keeper, a retro-looking medieval cemetery simulator.
  • Unexplored: Unexplored is an accessible yet challenging roguelite action rpg, featuring a fantastic level generator.

Read more.