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Baby Proofing your Home


Think like a baby.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Think like a baby.

Choking hazards, sharp corners, electrical sockets, heavy objects, etc. are everywhere. The best way to spot danger zones is to get on their level. If you get on your hands and knees, you see from their perspective, and can better identify any potential hazards. You will most likely find these types of dangers 18 to 36 inches above the ground.


Be on the lookout for choking hazards.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Be on the lookout for choking hazards.

Babies and toddlers tend to drool and put Every. Little. Thing. Imaginable in their mouths. We may not understand it as adults, but the truth is, your baby is trying to learn new textures and tastes, or perhaps is teething. They do not do it because everything tastes good! Before you take your child out of the crib, search and pick up all choking hazards. A great rule of thumb is to follow the toilet paper roll rule. Anything able to fit through a toilet paper roll can be swallowed and cause choking on.


Practice electrical safety.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Practice electrical safety.

Electrical sockets and cords are a very common danger for babies and toddlers. “Each day, nearly 7 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet,” says the ESFI. Purchase secure outlet covers and/or place duct tape over unused outlets, unplug any unused items and store away from reach, and hide or cover any exposed cords to ensure safety from electrical shock and burns.


Secure furniture pieces.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Secure furniture pieces.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), “more than 16,000 children under the age of 5 went to the emergency room in 2006 with injuries caused when television sets, bookcases, and other furniture and appliances tipped over on them.” Secure as much furniture, such as television stands and bookcases to walls. Stand televisions as far from the edges of a surface as possible. Glass furniture or furnishings with many different parts should be secured or replaced with sturdy wooden pieces.


Cover sharp furniture edges and corners.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Cover sharp furniture edges and corners.

Maybe you think that rounded furniture is tacky, and that’s okay. Although, furniture corners are another common hazard. Coffee tables and chairs are common causes to injuries due to sharp corners. Cover all sharp corners and edges with bumpers to soften the impact if your child falls or bumps into them.

Image Source: Babycenter


Lock away hazardous materials.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Lock away hazardous materials.

Yep, we’re all guilty of using products that can be hazardous or poisonous to our children. Store products that may cause chemical burns or are poisonous in a locked cabinet far away from reach. Print the image above for a list of materials that can poison, burn, and/or harm your child.


Eyes and Ears Always.

Nov 03, 2015
Baby Proofing your Home | Eyes and Ears Always.

It’s difficult to juggle your everyday tasks and supervise your child at the same time. There are gadgets that can help make baby proofing and supervision easier, but they should never fully replace your eyes and ears. Use the gadgets AND your own supervision to safely watch your child when you have things to do. Scroll through some options below!

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