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Updated by Anne Reuss on Feb 22, 2015
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Signs for Start Ups

We practically have our own language in social media that isn't translated in sign language yet. I want you to use your creativity to help. How would you communicate your startup in sign language? Post a video!


Signs for Start Ups | @Nimble in ASL

I appreciate Brandie McCallum (@lttlewys) for introducing me to Anne Reuss and wanted to respond to her eyeSocial challenge.

This project just got featured on Nimble's blog

Signs for Start Ups | @Listly - let's get it a sign!

Visit to find out more about why I made this video and the eyeSocial challenge! I'm trying get the social media/start up companies signs......

Signs for Start Ups | The Hashtag @briansolis

Thanks to Brian Solis for a huge head start! Here he describes and shows the sign for hash tag. Bravo, Brian.

Signs for Start Ups | @KissMetrics in ASL by @nickkellet

Here's my first attempt at making a sign - I picked Kiss Metrics.

Signs for Start Ups | @Listly in ASL by @RicDragon

You may need to be @RicDragon's friend on Facebook to see this!

Signs for Start Ups | FamZoo in ASL - Signs for StartUps

Various forms of FamZoo expressed in American Sign Language - plus, our own "official" FamZoo sign.

Signs for Start Ups | You Matter in ASL.m4v

Read about this movement - emerging in social media too using #youmatter

Signs for Start Ups | @Twitter in American Sign Language (ASL)

English Translation (Twitter style): Saw the Twitter sign TWITTER, didn't like it. Similar to GOSSIP & negative. Saw TWITTER. Cool! I Tweeted. He TW'D back &...

Signs for Start Ups | @zaarly ASL Sign for startups

Anne Reuss is asking us to coming up with signs for startups. I reached back to my days at Zaarly and submitted the "Z" Want more details or to find out how ...

Signs for Start Ups | #SignsforStartups AdopteeRights

@AdopteeRightsCo is NOT a start up. It's all volunteer based, activism, non profit and trying to make the world a better place for 7 million Adoptees and their families.Couldn't find a sign for "Adoptee" so maybe this works? Huge thanks to @FeeFeeKatt in her cute PJs for helping!

Signs for Start Ups | GetClicky / / @getclicky - ASL #SignsforStartups Signs for Startups

I'd made a sign for @kissmetrics. We use both @kissmetrics and @getclicky to track the analytics on @listly. So it seemed an oversight to not make a startup ...

Signs for Start Ups | Social Stage

This sign is for Social Stage, a wonderful company that makes your FB page into a website. It combines the signs for Social and Stage.

Signs for Start Ups | @Chirpaloo - Signs for StartUps

Here is Internet Media Labs contribution to Anne Reuss' amazing project, Signs for Start Ups. We created a sign for our social media analytics and engagement...

Signs for Start Ups | AngryBirds

Funny sign for Angry Birds (We couldn't figure out one for Rovio HQ ) for the #SignsforStartups Challenge - more info here

Signs for Start Ups | Facebook Signs in the Asia Pacific

Facebook Signs by the Deaf in the Asia Pacific regions and countries -- I just discovered this! (Americans sign most of these by the way). This is an amazing example of various sign created along with evolution of social media -- lets keep it going!

Signs for Start Ups | @MeetMeme brand sign

I made this startup brand sign as part of Anne Reuss's eyeSocial challenge. Make sure to check out the Close Caption by Brew :)


This is a "static" sign like the #hashtag sign above ~ showing the QUESTIONS ENTREPRENEURS should ask. I actually designed this logo with you in mind.

Signs for Start Ups | @Overblog - duo performance by @merrybubbles and @annereuss for ASL

Anne and I came up with this is during #140conf 2012 so this is how we see Overblog in sign language. Anne is one of our earliest adopters so kudos to her!

Signs for Start Ups | @Google in ASL

The sign is like the sign for "search" except that it is initialized with the hand shape for "g". This sign video was contributed by users of the ASL-STEM Fo...

Signs for Start Ups | Red e App

Red e App can play - she has great energy in this video!! Neat, simple and easy to use.

Signs for Start Ups | Kelly Does @Twylah Video

Kelly, founder of Twylah, talks about her contribution to the eyeChallenge!! She finger spells Twylah in ASL (American Sign Language) and gives her idea for ...

Signs for Start Ups | We did a big one...@Instagram!

This is another creation made by my brother and I for a gesture to represent Instragram. Note: After this video was made, we discovered that some people have...

Signs for Start Ups | @KissMetrics loves @MailChimp

KissMetrics loves MailChimp so much they wanted to come up with a gesture for them. We hope MailChimp likes it, or comes back with a challenging video!

Signs for Start Ups | Twylah - YouTube

I explain Kelly of Twylah's original idea of how to represent her brand in gestures and also show how to sign "star" & "twinkle" per her request. Give her a ...

Signs for Start Ups | What is Glide's ASL sign?!

Glideators! A lot of our deaf users have been asking what the American Sign Language (ASL) sign is for Glide, so here are a few signs we've already seen people using! Let us know in the comments which one of these signs you prefer!