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Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society)

Websites that can help you find Freelance jobs, Short-Term Gigs, Moonlighting Affairs (work) and Short-Term Contractos


Opus For Work

Oct 09, 2015
Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society) | Opus For Work

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About them:
We built Opus for Work because there needs to be a better way to find on-demand work. First and foremost, Opus for Work is a company focused on the workers. We have personally experienced how hard it is to find flexible work that fit our lives – to live the lives we want and still pay the bills.

From driving to delivering, we have worked for many of the on-demand companies listed on our site to support ourselves while we built the foundation of our company. We consolidated all of the important information about on-demand work and developed a formula to recommend jobs that best fit your qualifications and schedule. We hope you find us helpful, and look forward to building more tools for you in the future!


Blue Crew

Oct 09, 2015
Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society) | Blue Crew

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About them:
Join the BlueCrew team to start accepting job offers straight from your phone. BlueCrew connects you directly to employers to find you jobs that fit your schedule and passions. Work with us and grow your resume while you work and make money! Features:

  • Background Check: We perform a national background check on all BlueCrew workers at no cost to you!
  • Skills Assessment: For higher paying jobs, we offer online skills simulations and assessments so you can see candidates in action before hiring them.
  • In-person interview; We meet all of workers in person, so you can be sure they are reliable and qualified to work at your company!


Oct 09, 2015
Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society) | Flexjobs.

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About Flexjobs
Whether you're a start-up, a small company, mid-sized, or large, FlexJobs is ready to help you discover, engage with, and hire qualified candidates for your flexible, remote, freelance, and part-time jobs.

Our Goal: To Help You Find the Best Candidates

FlexJobs is the proven leader for your flexible hiring needs, including remote, part-time, freelance, contract, at-home, seasonal, temporary, flexible and alternative schedule opportunities. Thousands of employers have used our site, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, to hire in almost every career category. We're passionate about connecting quality candidates with flexible employers and jobs, and we are dedicated to accomplishing this with integrity, effectiveness, and great customer service.

Why We're a Trusted Recruiting Partner

Since 2007, FlexJobs has helped thousands of companies and almost 1 million job seekers in their search for jobs with flexible work options. Our expertise in flexible and remote recruiting has been featured in many trusted media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Workforce, Entrepreneur, Recruiting Trends,, Inc., U.S. News and World Report, Marketplace Money, and hundreds of others.

We don't just talk about flexible jobs, we actually walk the walk: FlexJobs has an entirely distributed team who work from home offices with flexible schedules. Some of us work full-time, others part-time or freelance. We are uniquely familiar with the many benefits that flexible options provide for employers, as well as for employees and freelancers, all of which help us understand how to help companies successfully hire for flexible workers.



Oct 16, 2015
Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society) | Wonolo

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About Wonolo

An On-demand labor space, Wonolo (the name is a take on "work now locally"), is backed by Coca-Cola and has several hundred businesses signed up as clients. It sets up temp work in the same way that companies like Uber and Handy broker rides and cleaning appointments: Its app pushes short-term jobs like event staffing and warehouse work to potential temp workers via a smartphone app. Workers, who are not classified as employees, but as independent contractors, can choose to accept them or reject them whenever they want.

Wonolo ( pronounced 'woh-know-low', stands for Work. Now. Locally) is an on-demand staffing platform for businesses to fill their immediate hourly or daily labor needs.
They solve the last mile staffing problem for Fortune 500 companies as well as Small-to-Medium businesses (think Retail merchandising, eCommerce fulfillment, Event staffing, Hotel housekeeping, etc). Wonolo allows companies to manage unpredictability by augmenting their existing labor force with hourly to daily Wonoloers who can come in within an hour and do the job.
Wonoloers have been pre-vetted, background checked and insurance covered to meet compliance requirements of companies. Wonoloers are people who want the freedom of flexibility - the opportunity to choose when they work, where they work, for whom they work. They believe that the traditional temp staffing model is cumbersome, expensive and labor intensive, and is ripe for disruption. They revolutionize staffing by removing the friction for both job requestors and job seekers.



Oct 16, 2015
Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society) | Truelancer

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About Truelancer
Launched in Sep’14, Truelancer is an on demand curated freelance marketplace, they presently have more than 1,50,000 Freelancers who are available to be hired as developers, designers, content writers, virtual assistants, growth hackers and social media experts. They are focused on Asian Market which is growing rapidly and their aim is to get 35 Million freelancers in next 3 years; the industry is expected to grow 10x that is around $15B industry in next 4 years, and Truelancer is focused on bringing these new generation skilled professions on its platform.



Oct 16, 2015
Marketplaces and Job Discovery (On-Demand Society) | WorkGenius

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About Workgenius:

As of 10/2015, company is still in beta.

For employees:
WorkGenius employees can get access to a good healthcare plan (medical, vision, and dental), full insurance, accident protection, and a 401(k) matching plan. You decide how many hours per week you want to work and look forward to a steady income. WorkGenius invests in you. You can access our 18 ­month academy program and advance your career through on ­going WorkGenius training and mentorship.

For employers:
Use WorkGenius to cover the base needs or the ramp of your delivery operations. Our workforce caters to your needs – Never worry again about scaling your staff up or down.
We provide you with fully trained and qualified people that optimize for your KPIs. WorkGeniuses always complete both your company’s training and our own.
WorkGenius people are all fully employed – There's no liability or legal risk for your company. You save time and money by leaving the HR admin to WorkGenius.