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Updated by TheProduceMom on Mar 30, 2015
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The 10 Best Recipes for your Oscar Viewing Party

Throw the ultimate Oscar Viewing Party with these show-stopping recipes. Seriously, they are so good you'll want to roll out the red carpet for them!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 23
Baked Taro Chips
Add a little crunch to your party without the guilt of store-bought potato chips! Taro root, olive oil, Koser salt, and fresh ground pepper is all it takes to make them!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 23
Hot Cauliflower Dip
This cauliflower dip is delicious, spicy, and versatile — just like Bradley Cooper! With a full head of cauliflower in the ingredients, it has the healthy goodness of veggies so you can snack away while keeping your Hollywood figure!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 27
Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
These stuffed mushrooms are sure to get a standing ovation from your guests! As the host, you'll appreciate that they only take 30 minutes to prep and bake!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 27
Mushroom Flatbread
This mushroom flatbread is such a tasty recipe and it's incredibly easy to make! It always tastes better shared with a friend, which makes it the perfect recipe for an Oscar Viewing Party!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 19
Pear & Salmon Lettuce Wraps
Eating these pear and salmon lettuce wraps will make you feel so fancy, you just might think you're a Hollywood star!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 28
Melon Proscuitto Wrap
The award for tastiest ensemble cast goes to....Prosciutto, Charentais Melon, basil leaves, olive oil and rainbow peppercorns!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 25
Stuffed Tomatoes & Cucumber Wraps
These stuffed tomato and cucumber wraps are so addicting, your guests will be popping them in their mouths from red carpet 'til Best Picture award!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 22
Coffee Yonanas
This Coffee Yonanas recipe will help you and your guests stay up late to watch the final awards go out!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 26
Champagne Grape Pizza with Pine Nuts
Give your guests the Hollywood treatment and serve them this champagne grape pizza with pine nuts!
Feb 09, 2015 - - 25
Passion Fruit Cocktail
No Oscar Viewing Party would be complete without a glamorous cocktail! This one was created with A-listers in mind!