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Updated by Alex Untola on Dec 29, 2014
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05 Family Excursions to have in Ahungalla

It may be a small town in the tiny island of Sri Lanka but Ahungalla is packed with plenty of excitement for the whole family. For the best of this city, here are 5 experiences that must be indulged in


Hot Balloon Trips

Dec 29, 2014
05 Family Excursions to have in Ahungalla | Hot Balloon Trips

The South of Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful spots in this country. To truly appreciate the scenic wonders it beholds, indulge in hot air balloon rides where you can gently float along the Southern skyline savoring every inch of green that you lay your eyes on. The unparalleled experience of floating on a hot air balloon is ideal for a warm destination like Sri Lanka. And that too in the south with the breathtaking panoramic views the feeling is only multiplied. There are several operators more than happy to whisk you into the skies. In fact the popular beach hotel in Sri Lanka called the Heritance Ahungalla even offer its very own hot air balloon expeditions.


Madu Ganga River Safari

Dec 29, 2014
05 Family Excursions to have in Ahungalla | Madu Ganga River Safari

Amidst all the scenic marvels that Ahungalla is famously known for, there is a rich and a flourishing ecosystem made of mangrove islands and a vast number of species. In fact the estuary of the Madu Ganga River has the best of such worlds and the complex coastal ecosystem nestled within is believed to be one of the last remaining mangrove ecosystem of such a nature in all of Sri Lanka. To experience the abundance of nature so beautifully flourishing in Ahungalla, indulge in a boat trip along this renowned Madu Ganga River. As you savor the company of a plethora of wild life, sit back and absorb the perfection of the breathtaking backdrop which has the ability to do wonders to the soul.


Whale Watching

Dec 29, 2014
05 Family Excursions to have in Ahungalla | Whale Watching

The rich abundance of marine life in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka extends even to the mighty whales of which one can find plenty in the waters of the nation. Mirissa is the most popular starting point for whale watching in this part of the island and this city is located in close proximity to Ahungalla. The Whale watching expedition takes you roughly 30km into the ocean. On the way you will spot schools of friendly dolphins showing off to their audience and when you head over to the deeper waters you can even catch a glimpse of a variety of different whales.


Ambalangoda Museum

Dec 29, 2014
05 Family Excursions to have in Ahungalla | Ambalangoda Museum

The quaint village of Ambalangoda is famously known around the country for its extensive collection of marks and antiques. If you want to admire the masks of Sri Lanka take a tour through Ambalangoda's mask museum where a plethora of masks are displayed which were used for a number of purposes in the island. Most traditionally Masks are used in Sri Lanka in traditional dance, drama and comedies, and in large pageants and processions. They are also used in ceremonies to exorcise demons or cure illnesses.


Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

Dec 29, 2014
05 Family Excursions to have in Ahungalla | Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

In addition to flaunting its beauty and dedicating its resources to tourism Ahungalla never really forgets its inhabitants. To watch turtles being protected and preserved, pay a visit to the Kosgoda turtle hatchery which was initiated by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka. In an aim to protect turtles from extinction, the turtle hatchery takes care of turtle eggs, treats and provides a protective environment for injured and disabled turtles as well