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Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India

When hectic schedule of life kills the elation and the joy of living, one could think only of a Family Vacation to bring the fun back into life. If there is a weekend ahead or any holiday coming up, the best thing would be to pack your bags and baggages and set out on a fun, adventurous itinerary with your family. Here comes your way a list of top ten places in India where you can relax with your family, on a Family Vacation.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Manali

Proudly boasting of its eye-soothing beauty, Manali is a small town in Himanchal Pradesh, situated in the Beas river valley, cradled in the lap of Himalayas. From the huge Himalayan ranges, never escaping one's sight even for a second, to the fast moving water, beating heavily against the gigantic rocks in the river Beas, aided with constant chirping of the birds sitting on tough branches of pine trees, escaping the serenity, one has seriously, got a lot to enjoy in Manali.
Rohtang Pass, which serves as the path to reach Leh, is situated at the distance of 51 kilometers from Manali, and remains open for the tourists during the pleasant weather conditions, up-to the snow-line, where people enjoy skiing and trekking.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Shimla

Famously known as "The Queen of Hills", Shimla is the capital of Himanchal Pradesh. The city is situated in the south-western range of the Himalayas. Being one of the most beautiful hill stations of India, Shimla attracts large number of tourists from all over the world. Large influence of British culture could easily be noticed in the architecture of Shimla. Though the heavy snowfall in the months of December and January adds more beauty to the place, yet it is not advisable to visit Shimla during these months due to poor, dismal weather conditions. Mostly, tourists prefer to make their visits either before December or shortly after the snowfall is over, to encounter the exquisite beauty of snow-covered hills, with their greenery partly hidden under the thick blanket of white snow .



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Kerala

Drenched in spectacular natural beauty of backwaters and tropical forests, Kerala is a state in the south-west region of India located on the Malabar coast. Being in Kerala could turn out to be a kind of experience difficult to describe or rhapsodize in words. The visit could turn out be more than a vacation. Being is Kerala is more of a meditation, which visitors go deep into, worshiping the love that mother Earth has shown towards us. Being the house of Ayurveda, the beaches of Kerala have been blessed by infinite kinds of plants and herbs of medicinal values.
A perfect family vacation spot, Kerala captures the heart, spell-binding its visitors forever.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Jodhpur

To visit a place already populated by many tourists is always an idea of fun, due to the liveliness that the crowd throws, emitting a jolly vibe all around. Putting an end to the same notion, Jodhpur is a place regarded as a 'lonely planet', yet it is a remarkable place to be visited with family. The second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is also famously called 'The blue city', due to the presence of blue painted houses all across the city. Like many other cities of Rajasthan, Jodhpur boasts of a rich and popular Rajput culture, that is worth seeing. The city is near Thar Desert, and the blue painted houses gives it an impression of a water body in midst of a vast, dry desert, inviting the visitors to quench their thirst for knowledge of Rajput culture in India, and surely, it does satisfy the insatiable minds of fervent and agog visitors who love to be a part of the sumptuous history of the country.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Gulmarg

Being one of the favorite spots of Bollywood directors to shoot their films, Gulmarg seems to be mollycoddled by the Himalayas. It is situated at the distance of 52 kilometers from Srinagar, in Jammu and Kashmir state of India. With cotton-like white snow all around, glistening brightly against the sun throughout the year, Gulmarg is regarded as one of the favorite winter-sport locations of India. It is loved by professional skiers. Other sports famous in Gulmarg are horse riding, fishing, water skiing, golf, mountain biking and trekking.
With all intents and purposes, Gulmarg is definitely a perfect place to visit with family.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Nainital

Nainital is situated in Uttrakhand, in outer Himalayas. Being famous for its lakes, Nainital has a lot more to offer to its tourists, which includes temples, peaks, zoo, government buildings, gardens and snow view. Another attractive feature of Nainital is the snowfall here, in the months of December and January that beautifies the city.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Dehradun

The capital city of Uttrakhand, Dehradun is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the Doon valley. Settled between the Ganges on the east and the Yamuna on the west, Dehradun attracts large number of tourists every year, due to its pleasant climate and beautiful picturesque landscape. The other famous tourists spot such as Mussoorie, Haridwar and Rishikesh are in vicinity of Dehradun, and can easily be reached. Both Mussoorie and the sanctified holy city of Haridwar are situated at an approximate distance of 35 kilometers from Dehradun. The proximity of other tourists destinations and the serene surroundings at the foothills of the Himalaya make Dehradun one of the most suitable places for family vacation.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Srinagar

Situated in the Kashmir valley, on the banks of river Jhelam, Srinagar is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. The serene ecstatic natural beauty of Srinagar is no doubt, mesmerizing. The name itself speaks a lot about its spell binding, rich beauty, boasting about various things it is known for. Large gardens, serene and calm lake, and the houseboats escaping the calmness of the lakes are few of the things Srinagar is famous for. Being here with family could turn out to be an amazing experience, with a lot of memories to be collected during the visit. Srinagar is one of those places that infiltrates your heart and reserves a special place in the dregs of the heart that makes you love it forever, hence igniting the feeling to revisit it.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India, with Panaji as its capital. With its 131 kilometers of coastline stretching along the Arabian Sea, Goa has a lot more to offer other than just beautiful beaches. Casinos, churches, beach parties - one could really have all of these in Goa.
Time spent with the family in the sun-kissed beaches of Goa is always relaxing and exciting, adding warmth to the relations. Goa has been a home for many cultures in the past, but the Portuguese culture has influenced Goa in a major way. The perfect blend of the Indian and the Portuguese culture encapsulates one's feelings effectively, due to its uniqueness and charisma. Goa is one of those places in India, where doing nothing at all could also turn out to fun. The mere idea of sitting idly on the warm sand of the tropical beach pulls out all the dullness from the life, rejuvenating each and every part of the soul. It is no doubt a magical place to spend a quality time with the family.



Oct 12, 2014
Top Ten Places for Family Vacation in India | Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a town in Rajasthan. Famously called as 'the Golden City', the city is one of the 'World Heritage Sites'. The notable feature that adds to the uniqueness of the city is that the city is situated on a ridge, guarded by gigantic walls of the fort that contains the palace and many other historical sights. The city is basically made up of yellow sand-stone that acts as an icing on the cake when talking about Jaisalmer's beauty. Speaking a lot of its ancient Rajput rule, the city is still regarded as a perfect sight to perform royal weddings. Sparkling against the moon in the night, the Golden city really appears golden yellow due to infallible lighting arrangements.