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Which Low Profile Headlights to buy for your Miata MX5 NA


Sep 22, 2014 - - 1975
Which Low Profile Headlights to buy for your Miata MX5 NA | BrainStorm Performance (BSP) Low Profile HeadLights, Price: 499.95 USD (only in USA)

Mazda liked them so much, they used them as the platform for the lights on the M Speedster. Then Mazda put one of these kits on the M Coupe. The factory 'barn door' headlights interfere with your forward vision. Our lowered profile lights capture the essence of the Miata and improves the field of view drastically.

Key features:
1. Independent adjustment for all four bulbs takes seconds
2. New DOT stamped clearer lenses*. High beams use all 4 lights. Replacement lenses are just $39.95. Now uses H3 Halogen replaceable bulbs. No side glare issues.
3. All powdercoated assemblies


Sep 22, 2014 - - 1959
Which Low Profile Headlights to buy for your Miata MX5 NA | Moss Motors Low Profile Headlights, Price from 633.40 EUR
  • Units have proper low beam and high beam lamps supplied.
  • Easily adjusted with a simple philips screwdriver once installed.
  • Bulb Specs: 90mm diameter and 65 watts.
  • Superior one piece bucket design.
  • Instead of just being spray painted, they are completely powder coated for a finish that is as long-lasting as it is beautiful.
  • Incorporates an inner visor design that eliminates the glare coming from the inside headlight.
  • Easy installation, about one hour per side.
  • OEM quality wiring looms, the Moss Dual Light system uses properly engineered and manufactured automotive grade wiring harnesses. These looms allow for "plug and play" installation from the Hella lamps to the factory wiring harness.
Sep 22, 2014 - - 2471
Which Low Profile Headlights to buy for your Miata MX5 NA | I.L. Motorsport Low Profile Headlight Kit, Price: 439 EUR

The new rectangle low profile headlight kit from I.L.Motorsport is supplied with H4 rectangle headlights. The housing is made from stainless steel and very stable even at high speeds. Just like our round low profile kit the headlights only come out 50% of the regular height. Because of this the front of the car looks totally different. Installing the kit is relatively easy and can be done by any skilled mechanic. One of the advantages of this kit is that no changes to original components have to be made, even the wiring loom is untouched!

  • complete stainless steel housing
  • Hella H4 rectangle headlight
  • Black powdercoated
Sep 22, 2014 - - 2104
Which Low Profile Headlights to buy for your Miata MX5 NA | Jass Performance Low Profile Headlights , Price from 298.50 EUR
  • Fully reversible upgrade of the stock headlight bodies.
  • Premium branded E-signed, TÜV approved Hella Headlights with integrated low/high beam.
  • Significantly improved light output to the US headlights.
  • Extremely low profile design of only 9 cm maximum lift.
  • Optimized aerodynamics with headlights on, improved top speed.
  • Significantly enhanced and sportier look
  • Full manual adjustability to top, bottom, left right.
  • Preserving the MOT/TÜV relevant el. height adjustability.
  • Available for LHD or RHD.
  • The replacement motor linkage makes these the lowest lids available on the market.
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