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Hybrid Media: Key Lessons & Choices


Make All Your Content Visual

Sep 11, 2014
Make All Your Content Visual

UnBxd had the right ideas. They made their text visual (Text as Images) and they used a content network (Slideshare), so their content can be discovered on their blog and on Slideshare.

The fact that I’m blogging about it is proof that that strategy worked.

Sep 11, 2014 - - 5
Use Content Networks Whenever Practical

Aberdeen Group missed a trick or two by not using a content network (like Slideshare or YouTube or Listly). They put their content exclusively inside their own blog and for anyone to reuse their links and copy they need to copy their content (instead of reusing it). They simply have added friction to the process.


Lists As Text is Suboptimal

Sep 11, 2014
Lists As Text is Suboptimal

Both Aberdeen and Unbxd missed a trick in not making social lists on Listly.

Here’s why:

  • Tagging of Listly lists is fully automated and optimized
  • List titles have an H1 tags.
  • List items have an H2 tag.
  • Copy in blog (lists as text) is not optimized like a Listly list
  • Copy in a slidedeck (lists as slides) is equally not optimized like a Listly list
  • Designing for Hybrid Media and reusing images across lists, slides, pins etc is highly effective.

Sharing - Items and Lists

Sep 11, 2014
Sharing - Items and Lists

List and Item sharing adds content to the content - it makes a share so much more meaningful to both he sharer and the recipient.

It's similar to sharing a page in a slidedeck or sharing a moment inside a video. Context matters and it's not an option if you only use lists as text.