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8 Best Back to School Apps for Kids Aged 9 and Older!

Best Back to School Apps by Sarah and Julie at Fun Educational Apps and Bet at iGameMom
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  1. Be Confident in Who You Are: Top Comic Style Book App for Teens and Tweens

    Top 3 - Beth at iGamemom
    Be Confident In Who You Are is a graphic novel targeted at kids 8-14 years old. It addresses topics such as self-consciousness, stress, bullying, fitting in, body image, and sticky issues in friendships. All these issues are presented in an age appropriate manner.

    Available for download via the iTunes App Store for iOS and Amazon App Store

  2. Ecosystems HD

    Top 3 - Julie at Fun Educational Apps
    EcoSystems HD is a science app that presents ecology and Earth science in a way that older students can understand. There are high quality photographs, video clips, and well-written descriptions included for each of the six major ecosystems: grasslands, deserts, forests, tundra, oceans, and wetlands. There is also a "Did you Know?" section that provides lesser-known facts about each one.

  3. FREE App: Khan Academy App | iGameMom

    Top 3 - Beth at iGameMom
    Khan Academy has become a phenomena in the past couple years. It offers free online classes on subjects like math, physics, or history. The topics include: K-12 math, science (such as biology, chemistry, and physics), finance, history, test prep (GMAT, CAHSEE, SAT math, etc). The level of the courses ranges from elementary school to college.

  4. Math Duel - 2 Player Mathematical Game for Teen and Adult Brain Training

    Top 3 from Sarah - Fun Educational Apps
    Math Duel - 2 Player Mathematical Game for Teen and Adult Brain Training by Ellie's Games, LLC is a great fun and challenging math game app to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 5 a Day - Best Kids Apps Deals Fun Educational Apps Overview A nice and easy use math game app for two players.

  5. Inspiration Maps VPP

    Top 3 - Julie at Fun Educational Apps
    Inspiration Maps is the app version of the software program that is loaded on nearly all school computers. It provides a simple way for students ages 8 and up to arrange information from any source and turn it into a graphic organizer. Once organized, the ideas can be put into a well-written expository essay. The other cool thing about Inspiration Maps is that, with the press of a button, the graphic organizer can be transformed into a perfect outline. There is also a version for younger children called Kidspiration.

  6. iTooch Middle School - Top Educational Apps for Tweens!

    Top 3- Sarah at Fun Educational Apps and Beth at iGameMom
    iTooch Middle School is a new app from developer eduPad Inc. Like all of the iTooch apps that I've used, this one lives up to the developer's high standards and earns a top pick from Fun Educational Apps as an outstanding educational app. Fun Euducational TOP PICK

  7. Visual Fractions Decimals and Percentages - Top Educational Math Tool App

    Top 3 - Julie at Fun Educational Apps
    Visual Fractions Decimals and Percentages by Esa Helttula is the latest in this highly educational math app series by idevbooks. After helping student with long multiplication, long division and many other operations, iDevebooks has now created an app to help students understand the concept and relation between fraction, decimals and percentage using a unique visual exploration.

  8. Jungle Geometry - A Unique and Original Geometry App

    Top 3 - Sarah at Fun Educational Apps
    There are many math apps available for students. However, the bulk of them cover math facts and calculations. Jungle Geometry fills a gap by providing students with an app to practice measurement, angles, and shape identification - at levels appropriate for upper elementary and middle grades.

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    Best Apps for Middle Schoolers

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