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New breed of financial startups

new firms combining personalized recommendations, sentiment analysis from social media, and more

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  1. Vestorly

    Vestorly is a technology company solving the content marketing problem for financial services professionals, and the enterprises that support them.

  2. WealthLift

    financial education

  3. EquaMetrics

    EquaMetrics is a financial technology start up that was founded by three recent Harvard Graduates. We are currently preparing for the public release of Rizm, our revolutionary algorithmic trading platform, during Summer 2012.

  4. WiseWindow

    Mass Opinion Business Intelligence.

  5. Stocial

    Investor-curated market news and sentiment. Experience trending and realtime news before it becomes news. Stocial - Your one stop content web.

  6. Recorded Future

    a temporal prediction engine

  7. Betterment

    The smart investment account that’s easy to use. A better way to save money. No investment experience required.

  8. Hedgeable

    Hedgeable is a next generation investment management firm that provides innovative Retirement, High-Net Worth, and 401(k) Plan Programs to American investors.

  9. SocialPicks: The Stock Idea Community

    SocialPicks is a community where stock investors exchange ideas and track performance of financial bloggers.

  10. fund mojo

    Gateway to objective financial information and advisory for best Mutual Funds and Fund Managers that beat market index

  11. BlueLeaf
  12. Accretive Advisor

    Accretive Advisor Connects Investors with Expert Financial Advisors and Financial Planners. Find the Right Financial Advisor for Retirement, Wealth Management and Personal Financial Planning.

  13. HelloWallet – Personal Finance Software

    Most free websites use your private data in some way to peddle products from advertisers. We are completely different. We will never, ever, sell your data. Period. We will never, ever, get paid to sell you bank products. This is why we have access to over 130,000 different bank product prices.

  14. Free Investment Advice & Portfolio Management Software. ETF list, ETF Research. Find the Best Mutual Funds.

    Jemstep evaluates 20,000+ funds to give you unbiased, easy-to-follow guidance based on your goals, situation, and preferences. Use Jemstep to track all your assets, in one investment account or many, for a comprehensive but simple view of your progress, all in one place, any time.

  15. Personal Capital

    Next generation financial advisor. Raised boatload of money.

  16. Wall Street Birds

    Trading and investing using social media

  17. Motif Investing

    At Motif Investing, we make it easy for you to invest in your ideas.

  18. Roboinvest

    Investing that's social and automatic

  19. StockTwits®

    Real time ideas, trades, charts, and news from real traders and investors.

  20. Wikinvest

    Portfolio tracking tools

  21. Seeking Alpha

    Stock market news & financial analysis, including free earnings call transcripts, investment ideas and ETF & stock research written by finance experts.

  22. Covestor

    A world of great investors will let you automatically mirror their strategies, trade for trade, all from the comfort and safety of your own account

  23. BankSimple

    A better way to work with banks

  24. Kapitall

    “If the X-Box had a stock program, it would look like Kapitall” --Mashable

  25. Screener.co Stock Screener

    Screener.co is the most powerful global stock screening tool for individual investors.