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Average Freelancing Rates By Industry and Occupation

Here is a reference guide for finding the average rates that freelancers and independent contractors charge.

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  1. How To Calculate a Freelance Hourly Rate

    Overview of how to calculate an hourly rate for freelancing and consulting positions. Article also includes a number of links to rate related resources.

  2. AIGA Aquent Survey of Design Salaries 2013

    AIGA and Aquent built a tool that list freelance rates by title, company size, and company type. List included titles ranging from Art Director, to Web Programmer to Web Developer and everything in-between.

  3. How Much Should I Charge?

    New Jersey Creative Network put together a comprehensive list of freelance rates broken up by:
    - Advertising/PR
    - Book Publishing
    - Business
    - Computer/Tech
    - Editorial
    - Magazines
    - Newspapers
    - Misc

  4. Elance Talent Trends

    Freelancing Job Site Elance's overview of the freelance job escorts

  5. Editorial Freelance Rates

    Editorial Freelance Associations List of Writing related positions

  6. Best Paying Freelance Jobs

    Forbes Article discussing best paying Freelance positions and their average r

  7. Bureau of Labor Freelance Stats

    The Bureau of Labor has a number of reports on all facets of Freelancer jobs, from tech writers, to models to graphic designers to reporters.