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Devices Supported by MapMyFitness

We get many questions about whether certain devices (and smartphone apps) are compatible, and how to sync them. This post will be maintained as the definitive guide to explain what devices are compatible with MapMyFitness.

We work hard to integrate as many as possible, so if you have a favorite that we need to include, let us know!
Apr 25, 2014 - - 33159
adidas miCoach

miCoach is your personal coach. Choose training plans or create your own. Track your workout progress, get coaching feedback, and see improvements.


Alatech ALA CS006 Heart Rate Transmitter

Apr 25, 2014
Alatech ALA CS006 Heart Rate Transmitter

The Alatech ALA Records your heart rate status including average heart rate,
real-time heart rate and maximum heart rate for users reference during each workout.

Apr 28, 2014 - - 30467
Armour39™ Fitness and Heart Rate Monitor, Workout Tracking System

Under Armour's Armour39 fitness monitoring system measures your heart rate, calories burned, and tracks the intensity of your workouts. Never cheat yourself again.

Oct 24, 2014 - - 35900
Athletepath | For Athletes, Fans, Timers, and Event Directors

Welcome to Athletepath, the world's first complete race platform. For athletes, fans, and the events they love.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 37922
athlosoft ATHLETE | athlosoft

athlosoft ATHETE provides all the necessary components of a heart rate- and power-oriented training for all kinds of cycling sports.

Jul 14, 2014 by Mark Behen - - 36844
Beets BLU heart rate monitor

it's a portable device worn on the chest to check your heart rate during workouts, the data is stably transmitted over a distance of up to 33 ft (10 m) which allows you achieve maximum results during training

Jun 11, 2014 - - 32695
Bia GPS Sports Watch with SOS Safety Alert

Bia Sport offers the Bia Multi-Sport GPS Sports Watch with SOS Safety Alert perfect for triathlon training, marathon training and fitness. Run, Swim, Bike, Walk

Apr 25, 2014 - - 36177
Bike Cadence Sensor - Wahoo Fitness Blue SC

Collect crucial bike speed and cadence data during your workout. Easy to attach to most bikes, even easier to read the data on your iPhone when paired with the Wahoo Key or Wahoo Bike Case.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 33092
BKOOL - Detalles de producto

The Cadence Sensor ANT + BKOOL pairs with the simulator BSim .
Cadence sensor fits any bike pod through a system of flanges. Likewise the magnet is fixed to the crank independently of the material of this. It is wireless and transmits ANT +.Easy installation allows you to take out the cadence in your sessions.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 31502
Blackburn Neuro 5.0 Computer

Blackburn Neuro 5.0 Computer from Nashbar. Blackburn has improved the Delphi and produced the improved Neuro. The Neuro 5.0 uses the enhanced 2.4GHz digital wireless speed, cadence, and heart rate.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 33922
Blackburn Neuro Heart Rate Strap

The Blackburn Neuro Heart Rate Strap is a replacement/add on to your Neuro computer. Please note that these will only work with Neuro 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 cycling computers.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 36711
BODY BIKE Heart rate transmitter

ANT+ Certified- ANT+ interoperable wireless technology- Signal-filtering algorithm for noise rejection- Long battery life- Soft, flexible and comfortable strap- The light-weight pod can be clicked off and the strap can be machine washed

Sep 15, 2014 by Craig Kuyper - - 29501
Bontrager: ANT+ Digital Sensors (Model #09814)

ANT+ compatible 2.4GHz digital wireless sensors for every bike, no matter the brand.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 35990
Bontrager: DuoTrap Digital Speed/Cadence Sensor (Model #08298)

Say goodbye to zip ties! The DuoTrap sensor is an ANT+ compatible 2.4GHz wireless sensor that fits directly into the chainstay of certain Trek bicycles for a clean look that preserves aerodynamics and installs in seconds providing both speed and cadence signals.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 37240
Combined Speed/Cadence Sensor - Bluetooth

Combined Speed/Cadence Sensor - Bluetooth Speed and cadence data measured conveniently in one combined sensor. Bluetooth Smart technology used in this sensor assures long battery life on your bike. The iBike Bluetooth Smart Combined Speed/Cadence Sensor attaches easily your bike and pairs in a flash to the iBike GPS and POWERHOUSE apps, as well as any bicycling app that detects the presence of Bluetooth Smart sensors.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 35922
CycleOps 2.4 Coded Heart Rate Strap One Color, One Size

The CycleOps 2.4 Coded Heart Rate Strap Transmitter is made for use with any wireless Power Tap system, regardless of the model. In addition, it's the recommended transmitter for the Power Tap Comp wired hub, which is the only Power Tap system that comes without a chest strap.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 35930
Fitbit® Aria™

Aria™ tracks your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI, painting a picture of your long-term progress. It wirelessly syncs your stats with online graph and mobile tools that help you stay motivated and on track. When you're in control, stepping on the scale feels good.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 38483
Fitbit® Flex™

FLEX™ WIRELESS ACTIVITY AND SLEEP WRISTBAND This slim, stylish device is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 36751
Fitbit® Force™

Track steps, distance, calories burned, stairs, active minutes and sleep Force uses Bluetooth 4.0 to sync to your computer and iPhone or Android Smartphone See daily stats on your wrist and watch progress over time with graphs and charts Set daily goals and see your progress, earn badges, and challenge friends Track it.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 33900
Fitbit® One™

THE ONE™ WIRELESS ACTIVITY AND SLEEP TRACKER If you want to turn fitness into a lifestyle, the One™ is for you. For starters, it never rests. During the day, it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and stairs climbed. Come nightfall, it measures your sleep quality, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you in the morning.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 36709
Fitbit® Zip™

Get a kick out of fitness with this little device. It tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned – and syncs those stats to your computer and select smartphones. In doing so, it celebrates how much more you do each day. Zip™ encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and go farther - one step at time. That's how you turn everyday life into a social, achievable, awesome path to fitness.



Apr 25, 2014 - - 33079

FitbugBelt clip Wear the Orb, whatever you're doing At work, at home or at play, wear the Orb any time, all the time. FitbugWristband Track your movement and sleep, day and night Slip the Orb into the Fitbug wristband to track your movement 24/7. FitbugUnderwear clip Be bold. Or be discreet.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 28700
Forerunner 220

Colorful Running Companion with Connected Features GPS running watch with high-resolution color display Tracks distance, pace and heart rate¹ Identifies personal records Connected features²: automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, social media sharing Compatible with free training plans from Garmin Connect Just like a coach, Forerunner 220 provides the motivating feedback you need to guide your training.

Oct 24, 2014 - - 34929
Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect works seamlessly with your Garmin device. Whether uploading your activities or downloading a training plan, you won't find a better fit. Connect with MapMyFitness on the Device Connect page online to sync your Garmin account.

Apr 25, 2014 - - 37976
Garmin Edge 200

Easy-to-use GPS Bike Computer Tracks time, distance, speed and GPS position Challenge your past rides or others' rides Great for everyday, training or touring rides Bring new life to every ride with Edge 200. This GPS-enabled bike computer tracks time, distance, speed, location and calories burned.