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Great Resources for Arts & Cultural Organizations

A list of ideas and tools to make life a little better for people who work in the arts and cultural industry. Feel free to add to the list!

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  1. Social Mention

    Track who is saying what about your organization in blogs and tweets. Also set up an alert for new mentions for free. Put your search phrase in quotes for exact matches.

  2. Drop Box

    Transfer video files or batches of photos easily with a little help from the cloud.

  3. Google apps for nonprofits

    Google offers a variety of apps to manage your time, collaborate on projects, publish online content, and save money.

  4. Vimeo, Video Sharing For You

    Vimeo is a video-sharing website that supports high resolution videos. You can embed them in your webpage too.

  5. Artsnapper - Discover Art Around You

    Artsnapper is a tool that helps you discover art, allowing you to experience it in person and to share it with the world.

  6. Review of social media dashboards

    Get a handle on your social media efforts; this article reviews the top dashboard tools.

  7. Rules of Engagement for Blogging

    Great guide for determining if and when to respond to a blog.

  8. Sample social media policy

    A nice example of a social media policy. Pair with social media guidelines.

  9. Sample social media guidelines

    A nice example of social media guidelines. Pair with a social media policy.

  10. Free advice on building a strong online presence

    Every Wednesday you’ll receive a quick action item, along with precise step-by-step video instructions.

  11. Ideas on using QR codes

    22 ways nonprofits can use QR codes for fundraising and awareness campaigns

  12. Host webinars and online meetings

    There is a free trial, but this is a for-profit company.

  13. How to build a WordPress website

    Build a WordPress site for your nonprofit in 9 steps

  14. YouTube How To Videos

    They will walk you through all the steps of doing almost anything. For example, here's how to make a Google walking map.