Updated by Ariana Vilcins on Aug 28, 2014
Headline for Facebook and Twitter for schools and educators
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Ariana Vilcins

Facebook and Twitter for schools and educators

Here is a list of resources I compiled while learning how to set up my school on Facebook and Twitter! I've added some resources for teachers learning how to use Twitter as well.

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  1. School FB page in 10 min

    School FB page in 10 min.

  2. Texts, Snapchats, Instagram: Translating Teens' Online Behavior

    How much surveillance should parents have over their teenagers' social media lives? Why are kids' online roles so different from their realities? How does technology change the way teens relate to each other and to adults?

  3. #leydonpride East Ledydon HS Principal Jason Markley

    Great example of how students and teacher can work together to show school pride via Twitter

  4. What should a networked educational leader tweet about?

    cc licensed flickr photo shared by Rosaura Ochoa What you should tweet about: This week, I begin a cohort based in Alberta, Canada, working with educational leaders that are both school and division based. A question that I have received from many educators/administrators is what could I possibly share on Twitter.

  5. All About Twitter Chats

    This list contains information about Twitter Chat Sessions: Your Personal Learning Center. We'll share how you can find them, tips for participating, and how to host.