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The Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs For Large People

Many of us cant get by without our camping chairs for large people. Having the reliability of the extra heavy duty framing really helps with relaxing down in the park, beach or wherever you find a camping chair fit.

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  1. On The Edge 810202 Kingpin Giant Folding Chair (Blue)

    This giant folding camp chair seats multiple people at once and is perfect for camping, tailgating, and trips to the beach. It measures 61" x 38" x 66.6" inches when opened, and has a 400-pound weight capacity. Its fabric is weather and UV-resistant, for a long life--indoors or out.

  2. A Simple Homemade Camping Chair

    A simple homemade camping chair. An extremely compact and light weight chair. It does require poles cut at the camp site though. I used 5oz nylon for the material. Canvas would be bulkier and heavier but would work.

  3. 800 Lbs - ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Camp Chair with Shoulder Carry Bag and Padded Back/Seat

    We don't have to ask, we know everyone is tired of buying cheap, quad chairs that last a couple of times and then break. Not only is it embarrassing to have your chair break in front of family and friends, but why buy a chair that's not going to last?

  4. Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair-XX-Large (Cayman Blue Iguana)

    The perfect chair for any outdoor adventure. we have taken the patented dual lock technology one step further by making it 2 inches wider than the standard dual lock, raising it 1 inch higher, and increasing the weight capacity to 400 pounds! Therefore creating an xxl dual lock chair.

  5. Plus Size Camping Chairs For Large People 2014

    By Kenny | When us bigger folk head on down to the park or beach, we demand to be seated in a solid, durable and comfortable chair!. Here's a few plus sized camping chairs for us larger people.

  6. Best Camping Chairs For Larger People 2014

    When it comes to the great outdoors, relaxing in comfort is a must. However for us bigger folks, finding the best camping chair for large people can be a tedious task. Until now!.

  7. Oversized Camping Chairs For Large People 2014

    Check out these beasts for camping. Some of the best Camping Chairs For Large People known to man.

  8. Reviews - Best Camping Chairs For Larger People 2014

    As a outdoor person myself, and a little on the overweight side. I find it an annoyance trying to get a really good camping chair for large people. However not all hope is lost. After some intensive research I've come to a conclusion that only 4 to 5 camping chairs are actually useful to us.

  9. Camping Chairs For Large People. Powered by RebelMouse

    Some pretty awesome camping chairs for large people for 2014. from a simple 250 Lbs to a massive beast of a camping chair with a weight capacity of 800 Lbs. Powered by RebelMouse