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Stories of Essential Oil Distillers
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Andrea Butje

Stories of Essential Oil Distillers

Here is a list of Essential Oil Distillers I have visited around the world

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  1. 1  Lavender Distillation in France

    Lavender Distillation in France

    This is a short slideshow /voiceover from a trip I took to visit several lavender essential oil distillers in France. Enjoy! Visit the Aromahead YouTube channel to watch Aromatherapy blending videos! Related Posts: The following two tabs change content below. Tagged as: Essential Oil Distillers, France, lavender, lavender distillation

  2. 2  Croatian Essential Oil Distiller

    Croatian Essential Oil Distiller

    I had been talking with Maja Simic via email for years but we had never met. Her business, Aris 2000, always interested me. When I decided to take a trip this summer to visit Croatian essential oil distillers, visiting Maja was at the top of my list.

  3. 3  Rose Hydrosol from a French Distiller

    Rose Hydrosol from a French Distiller

    Recently, I visited a a lovely couple in France who have a rose distillery called Verdon, Roses and Aromes. They produce some of the most amazing rose hydrosol I've ever come across. They have beautiful fields of organically grown roses. 5,000 bushes, and planting more every year!

  4. 4  The Lavender Way

    The Lavender Way

    While we were on Crete, we had the extraordinary opportunity to visit Gill and Derek Pearce at their organic lavender and olive farm, The Lavender Way. The Lavender Way is the only organic lavender farm in Crete. They produce and sell essential oils, sachets, gels, spritzers, tea and hand-made wands, and they ship worldwide.

  5. 5  Wild Herbs of Crete!

    Wild Herbs of Crete!

    After the distiller trip to Bulgaria, we went to Greece to visit another essential oil distiller on the island of Crete. Janina and Babis started Wild Herbs of Crete in 1994. All their essential oils are made from plants wildcrafted by hand and distilled with the utmost care and respect.

  6. 6  RKL Distillery in Bulgaria

    RKL Distillery in Bulgaria

    On my recent trip to Bulgaria, I visited the wonderful RKL Distillery, located in the village of Bial Briag. RKL Distillery is small, but has extensive, beautiful organic fields of herbs such as Lavender, Melissa, Yarrow and St John's Wort.

  7. 7  Ecomaat Distillery in Bulgaria

    Ecomaat Distillery in Bulgaria

    I flew to Bulgaria and drove into the Balkan mountains to a small, beautiful village called Mirkovo.