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Car Air Purifier Reviews

Stinky car? Carpool with lots of germy passengers? Take a look thru these car air purifier reviews to find the best air cleaner for your vehicle.

Car Air Purifier Reviews | Philips 50987GPXM GoPure Automotive Purification System

The GoPure Automotive Clean Air System from Philips is a revolutionary new way to purify the air inside your vehicle. Philips GoPure, lets drivers breathe pure air again by eliminating harmful gases, dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria, odors and other particles from the vehicle using a three-stage filtering process.

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Car Air Purifier Reviews | Heaven Fresh HF 60 Ionic Vehicle Air Purifier

Among the most polluted environments on earth is the air on our streets and highways. Longer commuting travel times result in increased stress while driving. Heaven Fresh has created a solution to help overcome this problem with the HF 60 Ionic Air Purifier.

Car Air Purifier Reviews | Amaircare XR-100 Portable Auto Air Purifier

The Amaircare XR-100 protects motorists from the hazardous pollutants they may be breathing everyday. The XR-100 removes particulates (such as smoke) odors, and V.O.C.'s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from sources like automobile exhaust. Mounted safely behind the seat the XR-100 takes up no passenger space and its handsome design looks great in any automobile.

Car Air Purifier Reviews | Best Car Air Purifier That Really Works!

after one day of using the device in my car,, you wouldn't believe that the smell was reduced by more than 90%

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Car Air Purifier Reviews | Germs in the Car

These days lots of people are pretty much living out of their car. They use it for a dressing room, dining room and of course an office .I bet they never stopped to think about all the harmful germs that could be living along with them.

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Car Air Purifier Reviews | Car Cleaning Tips to Reduce Germs

It's hard to keep your vehicle clean and free of germs, what with the busy days of back and forth to school to kids' sporting events, family road trips, etc. Don't's a daunting task for most busy moms, so you're not alone.

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Car Air Purifier Reviews | Best Rated Travel Size Portable Air Purifiers

A portable air purifier is perfect for protecting you from germs like the flu when you travel. Below are the 3 best travel-size air purifiers as well as some tips to help keep you healthy when you travel.

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Car Air Purifier Reviews | Car air purifiers ionizers with RedBlue LED Power

1:Ionizer generates negative ions to reduce pollen, allergen, dust and bacteria inside your car. 2: Promote metabolite, disassembly bacteria/ smoke smell, clean the air, removed the fatigue and prevent air-condition ill. 3:Operates on 12 volt outlet of car's cigarette lighter. 4:No filters to replace. 5:Energy efficient(≤ 1.5 w) 1.

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Car Air Purifier Reviews | HEPA Desktop Air Purifier Reviews 2014

Best rated HEPA desk air cleaners, filters, and purifiers as reviewed and rated by consumers