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Qlink Pendant Reviews

Does the Qlink pendant really work as promised by its maker (Clarus)? Does it really help relieve stress and improve your mental focus? Does it protect you against the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on your health? Read the reviews from experts and actual users below.


Dec 11, 2013 - - 251
Q-Link Reviews and Testimonials

SELECT Q-LINK® REVIEWS Enjoy this small cross section of unscripted feedback received from passionate Q-Link/SRT product enthusiasts. From general well-being to professional sports and many other walks of life - they uniquely illuminate the common threads of regularly reported benefits.

Dec 11, 2013 - - 286
"I found myself getting the winner's check and the 2007 US Champion's bracelet!"

"My mental coach introduced me to Q-Link in April 2007, a couple of weeks before the US Championship. At that point, my chess had been in a slow but steady (and extremely frustrating) decline for a few years. So I felt that to wear some weird device just to please the old man couldn't hurt. I felt no difference in my physical or psychological condition until, a month later, I found myself getting the winner's check and the 2007 US Champion's bracelet! There are two World Cups for me to play, classical chess in November in Russia and rapid chess in January in Ukraine I know that I have a secret weapon - my Q-Link!" ~Alex Shabelov, American Chess Grandmaster, 2007 U.S. Champion Chess Player

Dec 11, 2013 - - 331
"This technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies."

"The Q-Link is a technology that amplifies and clarifies the body's energies. By reducing the noise in any energy field, this technology strengthens and purifies the body's own energies. This technology has been scientifically demonstrated to enhance the body's ability to protect itself from harmful environmental radiation, and thus it helps to remove harmful influences on the organism's health and well being. This technology therefore removes some of the blocks to inner transformation to higher and healthier states of being." ~Ken Wilber, President, The Integral Institute, Philosopher and author of A Brief History of Everything

Dec 11, 2013 - - 252
"There's not many products that have been as successful as the Q-Link® in terms of victories"

"You can walk up and down this range, and you can look for drivers, putters, wedges, but there's not many products that have been as successful as the Q-Link® in terms of victories on the PGA tour." ~ Justin Rose, at the practice range at the Deutsch-Bank Open, August 31, 2005

Dec 11, 2013 - - 286
"There is more to QLink than meets the eye!"

"Emerging evidence from early clinical, cellular and molecular studies of the effects of QLink on cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems is startling. Work must be done to further explore these findings, which have potentially far reaching implications. There is more to QLink than meets the eye!"
- Kim A, Jobst, MD, Visiting Professor of Healthcare and Integrated Medicine, Oxford Brooks University, United Kingdom

Dec 11, 2013 - - 323
"[Qlink] may indeed deliver many of the claims made for it by its developers."

“There’s a wide range of new products that have their origins in the science of quantum physics and the zero point in particular. One noteworthy example is the Q-Link, developed by Clarus and with the involvement of Professor William Tiller. Early scientist trials suggest the product may indeed deliver many of the claims made for it by its developers.” ~ Lynne McTaggart, Author of 'Living the field' and 'The Intention Experiment'

Dec 12, 2013 - - 323
Qlink Pendant Reviews - What People Say via @Flashissue

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Dec 11, 2013 - - 265
Qlink Pendant Reviews (with video) - Storify

The Qlink pendant from Clarus has been around for decades and thousands of people worldwide have been using it everyday. Does it work as claimed? Does it really relieve stress and reduce the harmful biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF)?

Jan 15, 2014 - - 326
Qlink Pendant Reviews -

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