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best paint for cardboard boxes

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  1. Sponge Painting

    Try sponging if you're a beginning decorative painter. It's fast, it looks great, and it's tough to mess up. Add visual punch to a plain-color wall with sponging. It's a quick and easy way to achieve a subtle texture and add depth to your walls.

  2. Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes

    Ideas for making Halloween costumes out of cardboard boxes.

  3. DIY Leprechaun House Made From Cardboard Boxes | Alpha Mom

    Here's a fun way to keep those mischievous little leprechauns busy this coming St. Patrick's Day: Build them a leprechaun house! It's simple really. You don't need to get as elaborate as I do. We just have a thing for cardboard houses around here so we go all out.

  4. Craft Product Review: Overview of Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid

    One of the biggest hush-hush buzzes this year at CHA was the debut of Martha Stewart Paints by Plaid. (Remember my foray into the secret locked room to get a sneak peek?) Now, however, the secret is out, the products are on the shelves- and in the hands of yours truly!