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best size curling iron for waves

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  1. Curling Tongs
    Techniques for using Curling Tongs on your hair Curling tongs are available with various barrel sizes to cater for every hair curl size you could wish to make. To create tighter more defined curls use a small barrel tong and for larger curls or waves choose a large barrel curling tong.
  2. Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair
    Curls are a great addition to any hairstyle for fine hair . Waves or curls add that coveted volume while adding sophistication and romance to everyday hair. Like everything, having fine hair has pros and cons. Fine hair is easier to curl but also easier to damage with heat.
  3. Hair and Make-up by Steph: How To: The Boho Wave
    It seems like every stylist has their own way of doing the urban/boho wave. This is one way I like to do it. The key to this style is to make your hair wavy without a defined curl pattern. 1. Start by spraying wax through the ends of your hair to add texture.
  4. Hair and Make-up by Steph: How to Make Your Curls Stay
    Often I have clients who sit down in my chair and say "Good luck with my hair. It's stick straight and won't hold a curl for anything." Then I secretly do the mad scientist cackle in my mind and think. . . Oh just you wait. . . your hair will curl.