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best zoom lens for wedding photography

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  1. best zoom lens for wedding photography | Shooting Wide Lenses vs. Long Lenses at the Wedding: WedPix Wedding Photography Article

    Shooting wide vs. long runs to the heart of how you approach wedding photojournalism-in the storytelling, the composition, visceral message and emotion conveyed, and even in how your subjects relate to one another. In fact, there's no debate that the decisions you make on the length of your lenses significantly affect your results in documenting any one scene or event during the wedding festivities.

  2. best zoom lens for wedding photography | Canon Lenses to Have | 100mm f2

    Canon EF 100mm f/2.0 | Lenses to Have Can you really afford not to own this lens--that is the question. Now, I am assuming that we are talking about portraits or general shooting firstly. Okay, if you are looking at this lens seriously, there's a good...

  3. best zoom lens for wedding photography | Micro 4/3 wedding photography settings and gear | Best Wedding Photography on WordPress.com

    Well, I am a well known wedding photographer,I work mainly in Europe and I'm based in Italy. Here you can find my international wedding photography site: http://www.wedding-photographer.it/ During last year (2012) I made an huge change on my equipment: I completely went to micro 4/3 cameras and lenses from Nikon full frame.

  4. best zoom lens for wedding photography | The Best Lenses for Night Photography: A Case for Rokinon Primes

    David Kingham is a landscape photographer who focuses (pun intended?) on the night sky. He set out to find the best astrophotography and night photography lenses for their price point. Discover why Rokinon lenses may transform how you shoot. The Best Lenses for Night Photography by David Kingham Prime vs Zoom What do you want in a lens for night photography?