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Headline for Content Jam 2013 Presentations
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Content Jam 2013 Presentations

Here are a list of all of the speaker presentations from Content Jam 2013.

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  1. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Brad Farris: What Panhandlers Can Teach You About Content Marketing

    Successful panhandling is a lot like content marketing; it's reaching a jaded audience in a saturated market by finding a message that jumps out and moves you t

  2. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Andy Crestodina: Keyword Research in 2013

    Keyword Research Andy Crestodina @crestodina #contentjam

  3. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Gini Dietrich: Future of Content Marketing

    The future of content marketing, a presentation created for Content Jam

  4. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | James Ellis: Segmentation, Campaigns and Goals: The Three Keys to Cracking the GA Code

    Segmentation, Campaigns and Goals The Three Keys to Cracking the GA Code

  5. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Deana Goldasich: Customer Stories: How to Uncover a Boatload of New Content

    You tell your story best, right? Not always. Your existing clients and customers can provide inspiration for a plethora of new and powerful content. That is, if

  6. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Marti Konstant: Marketing Automation 101

    Marketing automation basics Overview of types of systems; how people choose Performance metrics to measure Process overview and essentials of lead scoring

  7. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Kate Eyler-Werve: Making Sense of Performance Metrics

    Making Sense of Performance Metrics Presented By: Kate Eyler-Werve at Content Jam 2013 in Chicago.

  8. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Tim Frick: Agile Content: Lessons from Lean Startups

    This presentation compares Lean Startup principles to content life cycles and shows how Chicago web company Mightybytes used these concepts to build a content-d

  9. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Jill Pollack: Story Science: Engaging & Keeping Your Audience

    Story Science: Engaging & Keeping Your Audience Jill Pollack ©2013 All Rights Reserved. StoryStudio Chicago Ltd.

  10. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Sean McGinnis: Link Building Techniques that WORK!

    These are the slides I presented at Wordcamp Chicago #WCCHI on June 29, 2013 and again presented at #ContentJam on October 17, 2013 about specific link building

  11. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Mana Ionescu: Email Marketing

    All you want to know about email marketing from Content Jam. Content Jam is a one-day conference for people who create or curate content for the web. Experts...

  12. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Steve Susina: All Systems Go: Build, Measure, Learn with Marketing Automation 101

    All Systems Go: Build, Measure and Learn with Marketing Automation 101 Steve Susina Director of Demand Generation Services Crain Communications / Business Insur

  13. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Jodi Navta: 5 Steps to Building Big and Scaling Fast Through Content Marketing

    Jodi Navta, VP Marketing and Communications www.coyote.com Content Jam 10/17/2013

  14. Content Jam 2013 Presentations | Jill Salzman: Cultivating a 'Fanbase': How to Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

    Cultivating A Fanbase: How To Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates with Jill Salzman