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best fly fishing rod for beginners

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  1. Posted on 8th Feb 2011 @ 11:35 AM We would like to offer three pieces of wisdom at the top of this article: 1)Fly fishing is not a sport of necessities. It is a sport of preferences, opinions, credos and mystique. There are no right and wrong choices.
  2. best fly fishing rod for beginners | Fly Rod Flex Index - Choosing a Fly Rod - Orvis Fly Fishing
    Untitled Document Back to the Orvis Fly Rod Selector Introducing the Orvis Fly Rod Flex Index - What is it? For the first time in the history of fly-rod manufacturing, we can take a rod and compare it numerically and precisely to any other fly rod in terms of its action.
  3. best fly fishing rod for beginners | How to Select a Fly Rod
    Before jumping too far into the gory details about fly rods, let's talk about the function of a fly rod. A fly rod, at the end of the day, has three purposes. These are: Casting - Like a spin rod, the fly rod allows for the fly line to be casted with power and accuracy.
  4. best fly fishing rod for beginners | Choosing a Fly Fishing Rod
    FLY RODS are designed to cast a fly to fish by building momentum in a fly line and controlling its direction and distance. They also have to assist in fighting a fish, and so the size and strength of the fish you seek to catch - whether they are 9-inch brook trout or 80-pound tarpon - also help determine appropriate size and stiffness.