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Agritourism: How can we help?

We want to ensure that agritourism enterprises are not stifled by rules or laws, confusion about how these businesses operate or any other issues. Here are three concerns we commonly hear. What other concerns and problems do you face?

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    Agritourism: How can we help? | Liability

    Current Ohio statutes for u-pick operations or recreational lands would not necessarily provide protection for agritourism entities that have farm tours, farm animal interaction, hay rides, etc.

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    CAUV and zoning

    Agritourism: How can we help? | CAUV and zoning

    Some agritourism entities that are clearly agricultural in nature have difficulty with their CAUV status or their status as agriculture for zoning purposes with their township or county.

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    Regulatory burdens

    Agritourism: How can we help? | Regulatory burdens

    Some operations have faced regulations that are difficult for them to comply with because the regulations were designed for other types of businesses, such as restaurants and amusement parks.