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Content Marketing Tools

Here's a crowdsourced list of content marketing tools. Add yours and upvote your favorites.

Vendors: please don't game this list!


Oct 03, 2013 by 83193486 - -
Content Marketing Tools |

Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.

Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Google Analytics

Web analytics & reporting.
Live in it.

Nov 15, 2013 by Steve Peck - -
Content Marketing Tools | Docalytics

Bridge the gap between sales & marketing communication, and bring your documents online – Docalytics' web/tablet/mobile viewer and backend analytics & tracking tools



Oct 01, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Disqus

Build a community of active readers and commenters.

Oct 15, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | StoryStream

A content curation and publishing platform

Oct 30, 2013 by Ben Green - -
Content Marketing Tools | Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media marketing platform designed to help B2B marketers publish social messages, converse with prospects and generate leads.

Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Buffer - A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media

Store up them tweets and Buffer squirts them out as the day goes on

Oct 03, 2013 by Nick Kellet - -
Content Marketing Tools | Upload & Share PowerPoint presentations, documents, infographics

The world's largest community for sharing PowerPoint, OpenOffice presentations, Keynote, PDF and infographics.

Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Listly - Lists made easy + social + fun!

Can you put on a list without spiraling into a vortex and ending up as Keanu Reeves? Let's find out.

Sep 30, 2013 by Emily King - -
Content Marketing Tools | IFTTT / Put the internet to work for you.

Put the internet to work for you. Works with numerous other platforms to help you automate processes, archive content and receive alerts.

Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | LookBookHQ

Make cool LookBooks and share them. A new medium is born.

Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Evernote

My external memory drive.
All notes, ideas, presentations, sites, resources... everything

Oct 01, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | LinkedIn

225 million+ members

Oct 01, 2013 by Marcin Grodzicki - -
Content Marketing Tools | Resonance - content retargeting

Resonance helps brands educate their clients before and after the purchase. You can read more about what we do here.Please leave your email below to learn more.

Dec 14, 2013 by steve rayson - -
Content Marketing Tools | BuzzSumo - Content Marketing Software

Discover relevant & timely content ideas, see what people are sharing, find influencers, and analyse competitors.



Sep 03, 2014 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Sniply
  • Embed messages into the articles you share.
Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | PaperShare

Content engagement platform.
Haven't tried it yet.


Onalytica IRM

Oct 02, 2013 by Flemming Madsen
Content Marketing Tools | Onalytica IRM

Automatically flags up when your content is likely to be useful to your industry influencers based on what they are saying (publishing, tweeting, sharing) online.

Oct 04, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools |

Publish Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any web content into your own online newspaper.



Oct 14, 2013 by Steve Lazuka
Content Marketing Tools | Zerys

Comprehensive content marketing platform. Plan your content strategy and editorial calendar. Post titles to over 20,000 writers and build your team of favorites. Review, revise, collaborate, and publish your content.

Sep 24, 2014 by Iwona Mocko - -
Content Marketing Tools | Free Email Templates
Browse and explore our templates library that look great in every email software.


Oct 06, 2013 by Karen Schopp - -
Content Marketing Tools | Swayy

Swayy brings you the best content
to easily share with your audience and followers, based on their interests and engagement.

Sep 19, 2014 by Chris Benksen - -
Content Marketing Tools | 14 free content marketing tools
When creating content for your website you need to make sure that it will hold the eye of the reader and be interesting enough for him to share it. Not even the most advanced applications can replace a creative mind but here are some free and simple tools can make your presentations much more attractive.
Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools | Salesforce CRM

Gotta link your marketing to sales, right?

Sep 30, 2013 - -
Content Marketing Tools |

Data visualization