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Best dog breeds to keep your home safe

From the beginning, domesticated dogs were meant to serve as protection. We all want to keep our homes safe and one of the best ways is to do that is by having a dog. In Utah, we like to think we’re pretty safe, but the added measure of protection a dog can bring will definitely put your mind at ease. Many dogs will instinctually act as home guardians, but here is a list of the top breeds that are known to possess the characteristics that are necessary to ward off intruders.

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  1. Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Best Dogs For Families and Protection

    Best family dogs are ideal for an average family whether small or big. These dog breeds need little care, can adjust themselves quickly, bark less, offer protection, have a medium size and need little grooming.

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    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Bullmastiff

    This breed is known for its physical strength, protection instincts, and extreme family loyalty. This dog will use its strength to knock an intruder down, but is very docile in home environments so your kids and your home will always be safe.

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    Doberman Pinscher

    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Doberman Pinscher

    If you have a large area in Utah that needs protecting, the Doberman Pinscher would be perfect for the task. These dogs are extremely fast and can reach an intruder in a short amount of time. They are also extremely loyal and are known as the fifth smartest breed in the world.

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    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Rottweiler

    Rottweilers were originally bred as cattle protection dogs. They have a natural protective instinct and are relentless when it comes to protecting their pack. Rottweilers are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. They are aloof and wary of strangers until properly introduced. Make sure to find a good breeder so that temperament won’t be an issue.

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    German Shepherd

    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | German Shepherd

    German Shepherds are confident and fearless. They are also extremely intelligent and are quick to learn commands. They also have thick fur perfect to withstand Utah winters. They have a calm demeanor when in a home and are very good with children, but they are quick to react when their family or home is threatened.

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    Giant Schnauzer

    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Giant Schnauzer

    These dogs are strong and powerful and require strict training as well as a lot of attention. They are powerful and intimidating, and their extreme family loyalty and alertness make them excellent guard dogs.

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    Great Pyrenees

    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Great Pyrenees

    This breed makes a very capable and imposing guard dog. They are loyal to their families and extremely wary of strangers. They are obedient, courageous and devoted even to the point of self-sacrifice.

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    Protection dogs

    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Protection dogs

    Any of these dogs would be perfect for keeping your home safe. Find your local Utah kennel clubs for help with training your dog in protection. For a list of more dogs that are suited for home protection you can go here: http://www.cesarsway.com/dogbehavior/top-10-dog-breeds-for-protection.

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    Best dog breeds to keep your home safe | Home

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