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2013 Social Media UnConference: Potential Topics
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SMC Sacramento

2013 Social Media UnConference: Potential Topics

List topics or discussions you may be interested in facilitating or participating in at our October 4, 2013, Social Media Unconference, hosted by Sacramento State College of Continuing Education.

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  1. 1  Google Hangouts

    Google Hangouts
  2. 2  New Social Platforms

    New Social Platforms

    Seems like there's a new social network or platform born every 10 minutes, and who has time for that?? People who love new, shiny things. Let's share some of our favorites.

  3. 3  Twitter Chats

    Twitter Chats
  4. 4  Writing for the Web

    Writing for the Web

    You make a new connection, but do you really connect? Let's talk about how to write for the web to build authentic and meaningful relationships.

  5. 5  SMCSac Brainstorm & Interest

    SMCSac Brainstorm & Interest

    Help brainstorm ideas for SMCSac for the coming year. Explore joining SMCSac's volunteer team.

  6. 6  Blogging

  7. 7  Taking back Twitter

    Taking back Twitter

    The Twitter experience is completely different now than when it began. How can you get that loving feeling back?

  8. 8  Podcasting

  9. 9  Video!

  10. 10  Evernote


    What Evernote is, how to use it solo or collaboratively.

  11. 11  Is Edgerank Dead?

    Is Edgerank Dead?

    How do you play to Facebook's new 100k weight factors?

  12. 12  Education


    How to better use social media to increase, engage and measure.

  13. 13  How are small businesses increasing their social presence?

    How are small businesses increasing their social presence?

    What's working? What's not?

  14. 14  Reporting tools

    Reporting tools

    What are your secret weapons for reporting on the success of your campaigns? (other than just Facebook insights)