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5 Funky diets that probably don't make a difference

You notice that your belly is hanging over your jeans. It didn't used to do that. In fact, you remember having a slender stomach not even six months ago, so what happened? Well, whatever did happen, it is probably time to reconsider what you eat every day to get rid of that pooch. There are countless diets out there that might work, but there are also plenty to avoid. Here are some of the funkiest diets that Utah's Ameritech College does not recommend.

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  1. 1  The Paleo Diet

    The Paleo Diet

    This new diet requires returning to one's roots. No, we're not talking about your Italian gourmet forefathers that stayed skinny through olive oil dishes. This one goes all the way back to your cave man roots! Eat things that only a cave man would eat, like fish, grass and bark. This diet, however, has been discredited because cave men ate for survival rather than slimming for a modeling competition.

  2. 2  The Cookie Diet

    The Cookie Diet

    Pop-up ads on the internet always entice Utahns to try the “Hollywood Cookie Diet,” the tried and true diet that makes all the stars skinny. Sure, Snookie swears by this, but Ameritech college advises otherwise. Six cookies a day keeps the skinniness away.

  3. 3  The Color Diet

    The Color Diet

    A popular diet in Utah, this one requires that you only eat foods of one particular color every day. Each day of the week should be a different color to spread things out, like red Tuesdays and purple Thursdays and so forth. Good luck on periwinkle Sunday.

  4. 4  The Cider-Vinegar Diet

    The Cider-Vinegar Diet

    Everyone makes fun of Megan Fox for doing this, but seeing how dangerously skinny she is it may actually work. In truth, all it does is make you feel sick (who wouldn't after swallowing vinegar) and suppresses your hunger for a long time. Ameritech college says this is a detriment to your health.

  5. 5  The Breatharian Diet

    The Breatharian Diet

    This is it, the epitome of delusional diets. The Breatharian diet requires that you eat nothing, drink only water and herbal tea, and breath air for sustenance. Many Breatharians advocate getting plenty of sunlight for nutrients. People, we are not plants! We cannot perform photosynthesis to survive, let alone breathing air to feed yourself daily. Unless you swallowed a bug during your “air meals,” you would die from this diet.

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