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Your Ideas for Ag Education

Recently, we asked where we should invest in agricultural education. Comment or vote for your favorite ideas below.
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  1. 1  Promote careers in agriculture

    Promote careers in agriculture

    Work with non-farmers who appreciate, respect and admire the agricultural industry to help promote agriculture careers in areas such as production, technology, marketing and conservation.

  2. 2  Create a Farm Bureau resource position

    Create a Farm Bureau resource position

    Ohio Farm Bureau should create a state office based resource position to coordinate and
    manage Agricultural Education focused programs for pre-K to adult through coordinated efforts
    of organizations, associations and programs.

  3. 3  Support school gardens

    Support school gardens

    Enable teachers to use gardens to help with various subjects - Math, English, Science, Art - and feed the kids from what is grown.

  4. 4  Develop an Ag Ed leadership forum

    Develop an Ag Ed leadership forum

    OFBF staff meet should meet with others in an Ag Ed forum including OSU Deans, OSU Extension, State FFA Director and other leadership.

  5. 5  Establish a team to identify school needs and opportunities

    Establish a team to identify school needs and opportunities

    Ohio Farm Bureau should support a team who will find schools that could use agricultural education programs, find out why they don't have them and help schools find funding to start agricultural education courses and FFA chapters.

  6. 6  Mandate agricultural education classes

    Mandate agricultural education classes

    Enact a state policy that would require an agricultural class for all schools to educate all students about food production.